Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. This is when a family gathers together to share a wonderful meal and give thanks for all the blessings that have come their way. Don’t forget the ever-present thanksgiving turkey too! When thanksgiving comes, we can’t help but think about the holiday activities for the family especially for the kids. So here are some thanksgiving crafts to occupy your children with.

  1. Give Thanks Blocks
    These cute little blocks are a nice touch for your mantle, or to stack up on the kid’s table.  It’s a simple but elegant work of art that is a perfect addition to the already amazing décor you have done for your home. After the kids are done making the blocks, they can have even more fun assembling the blocks to spell the phrase.

  2. Turkey Napkin Holders
    Let the kids help you spruce up the table a bit with this fun craft using cardboard tubes and colored sheets of foam.

  3. Thanksgiving Pinata
    Everyone loves a pinata — and on a day when you’ve got a house full of people and often several kids as well, what could be more fun than sending everyone out to break open a pinata as you put the final touches on dinner?
  4. Sunflower of Thanks
    Keeping your kids busy may be one of the toughest job at a time when you have your hands quite full as well. Task you children to collect an “I am thankful for” message on a petal from each guest as they arrive, then have them create the thanksgiving sunflower.
  5. Turkey Tootsie Pops
    This quick and easy project is not only fun for kids to make, but can also double as place card holders — and is a sweet treat to hold people over while they wait for the delicious feast. 😉
  6. Thanksgiving Cornucopia
    Fill your cornucopia with images of the blessings that you have received. This would be one wonderful way to educate your children about the significance of the cornucopia especially during this holiday.
  7. Papier Mache Pumpkins
    These easy pumpkins made around balloons are a great project to bring fall into your home without very little cost and a lot of fun!
  8. Balloon Turkey Craft
    A balloon turkey craft would be great to make while the kids wait for the actual turkey to be served on the table. This is a great way to keep ‘em busy with balloons and papers!
  9. Tiny Tepees and Houses
    Spruce up your Thanksgiving table or mantle with these cute little tepees and houses, made from paper plates and little milk cartons.
  10. Cereal Turkey CraftAnother version of a turkey craft that’s made of cereals! I’m sure the kids would not mind using some cereal for their turkeys to make this wonderful piece of art!
  11. Pinecone Turkey
    A great project for little kids too, these pinecone turkeys are not only cute, but can also help dress up your table.
  12. Autumn Tree Painting
    Grab a few old wine and champagne corks, draw out some tree shapes and let kids go to town painting “leaves” on their trees!
  13. Printable Fall Worksheets
    Whether you need a distraction before dinner is ready or just want to work on various skills as fall progresses, these worksheets are both smart and fun for the kids.
  14. Technicolor AcornsColored tissue paper and acorn hats make this a fun nature-related project that both you and the kids will love.
  15. Hand Print Tree
    Paper, finger paints and little hands are all that are needed to make these fun trees that will not only make great wall art, but are great gifts for the grandparents too. 😉
  16. 3D Tree
    You do not need to have a big lawn to grow a tree; all you need is cardboard, felt and some arts and crafts materials to make a tree grown inside the house. This 3D tree is one good way to keep your kids entertained, as they get ready for fall.
  17. Autumn window tree
    I really love this idea and think we might have to track down some supplies to make it this weekend! Cardboard paper for a tree base, painted coffee filters (or tissue paper) and some paint and you are good to go.
  18. Pilgrim Collage Craft
    Help kids learn about the real reason behind Thankgiving by making their own pilgrims. This Pilgrim collage will also be a great addition to your already wonderful Thanksgiving decorations.
  19. Fall garland
    With just a few cardboard rolls, paint and twine, you’ve got yourself a super cute fall garland…this one will definitely need a lot of parental guidance, though, or some big kids to help out.
  20. Thankful Wreath of Leaves
    I’m sure you and your family are thankful for a lot of things. Make your thanks be known as you and your child write down all these things in your thankful wreath of leaves! Not only is this fit for thanksgiving but for fall as well.
  21. Fall foliage friends
    Get out and collect a few leaves with the kids in the nice fall weather, then draw up these fun little friends!
  22. Thanksgiving Place Cards
    When we talk about table decorations, who in their right minds wouldn’t want a good place card? Within just an hour, help your kids come up with the most unique and creative place cards by following the easiest steps.
  23. Salt Dough Leaf Prints
    Although you need a few more supplies than with other projects (like acrylic paint and Mod Podge) these salt dough leaf prints are super cute and also could be made into place holders and/or special little take-home gifts for your guests to remember the special occasion.
  24. Festive Fall Napkins
    This decorative fall napkins would go great with your unique napkin rings and all together they would be a perfect addition to the table.

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