Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or for the holiday season, or simply to show how much you care, buying a present for a loved one is a serious business. The best gifts are always the ones that have a lot of thought behind them, so take time to think about what the recipient really loves or wants would bring a smile to their face. They say that fashions change, but style is permanent, which is one reason why stylish retro gifts are as popular today as they’ve ever been. Here are three retro presents that are sure to turn heads, and sure to be loved.

Retro Record Player

You may have read that vinyl record sales are increasing year after year, so reports of their demise were certainly premature. One reason for vinyl’s renewed popularity is they bring back happy, nostalgic memories, but the other is that they are incredibly beautiful. A download can never have the aesthetic appeal of a record, nor of a record player. A selection of beautiful modern turntables with a timeless retro styling can be found at Victrola. Perhaps the best choice of all is a Bluetooth record player, as not only can it play vinyl records but it can also stream music from your phone or tablet, or even record from vinyl onto the Mp3 format.

3 Retro Presents That Are Sure To Be Loved

Retro Gaming Consoles

Modern video game systems are powerful and versatile, and there’s a huge range of games that can easily transport us to another world. The graphics and sound are incredible, and they can certainly be addictive, but do they have the charm that the game’s systems of our childhood had? Thankfully, you can now buy retro games systems that faithfully recreate those that we used to love. Look online for restored versions of consoles such as the Nintendo Super NES Classic or the SEGA Genesis, or if you’re a little older you can go even further back and find working models of the Atari consoles that changed the history of gaming forever. The graphics may not be as good, but the gameplay is just as addictive and they can bring a smile to your face like no other console.

Rotary Telephones

Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated year after year; so much so that today’s phones are more powerful than the computers of just a few years ago. It has to be said that some modern phones can even look stylish, but they don’t have the elegance of the old school rotary dial telephones. If you think the days of turning the dial to add individual numbers are over, then think again. Rotary telephones are back, and you can find them in a range of exciting colors that can perfectly match the décor of your rooms. They’re designed to appeal to the retro market, of course, but the good news is that they actually work too.

Retro telephones, game consoles, and record players may cause confusion in your children, but they will bring joy to their recipients. They’re a perfect choice when you want to buy something just a little bit different for a loved one, and they also make a great present for yourself.