All companies, small and large are in danger of cyber security threats such as hackers and data breaches. A cyber security issue can have serious long-term consequences on your business and result in massive financial losses as well as damage to your company image. For that reason, all businesses should focus on cyber security and take steps to protect their digital systems and valuable data. With this in mind, here are some easy ways to improve your cyber security today:

Have a cyber security plan in place

Failing to plan for a cyber security breach can have severe consequences on your business, especially given the fact that 3.8 million records are stolen from businesses every day. All business owners should be aware that cyber security poses a real and serious threat and plan accordingly. In particular, all businesses should implement a data backup plan and recovery strategy. This should involve storing a second digital copy of all data in case your main storage system is compromised. Having a backup plan will ensure that valuable data can be recovered quickly if it is lost, stolen, or becomes inaccessible. Remember not to keep your backup data on the same storage drive as the original copy, or you risk losing everything if this system is breached. You should also plan for cyber security threats by taking out cyber security insurance. This will provide your business with an additional level of protection against the increasing threats of hacking and data breaches.

Educate your staff on potential risks 

According to, a massive 90 percent of data breaches are caused by human error. These breaches may be a result of opening an email attachment that launches a company-wide virus, leaving computer monitors unlocked, or browsing non-authoritative websites on a work computer. With this in mind, you must provide your staff with regular training on cyber security and educate them on the potential risks. Maintain high standards of cyber security in the workplace and adopt a culture of vigilance by following best practices. This will help you to protect your organization from potential online security risks. You can find lots of useful advice and guidance on how to train your employees on cyber security.

Invest in IT security solutions 

There is an excellent variety of IT solutions available to boost your online security and safeguard your digital systems. For instance, outsourcing your IT management to a specialist IT company can be a reliable way to elevate your cyber security and avoid technical issues that could lead to periods of downtime and lost revenue. Hiring an IT management team means you can have confidence that your online systems are running more efficiently and securely possible. It is a good idea to have an audit carried out to test the security of your IT systems. During an audit, a professional will assess your digital systems and make you aware of any potential vulnerabilities. They will be able to provide you with valuable suggestions on how to improve your cyber security and protect your business.