Adopting a pet for the first time is an exciting process. You’ve purchased food, dishes, a pet bed, and toys for your new family member, but your job is just beginning. Before you bring the new ball of fur (or feathers or scales) home, you need to look around your house for any potential pet hazards. From toxic substances to dangers like exposed wiring, health issues for your pets could be lurking in all kinds of places. Proof your home to keep your pet safe and secure in this new environment.

To tackle a task this big, allocate a space in the house that’s out of reach of the new pet for cleaning supplies and other possibly toxic materials. Keep food in cupboards and cabinets, and research what human foods are safe for pets to eat before feeding a new dog or kitty the last bite of your dinner. Other items may not seem like hazards to you, but can be very dangerous to pets. Anything string, from floss to holiday lights, is a choking hazard for a pet.

You may realize you’ve got a pet with allergies just like you. Thankfully, the way to manage pet allergies is very similar to managing human allergies, and the answer is indoor air quality. From changing your filter to using air purifiers, you can ensure that every living thing in your home has clean air to breathe. The Healthy Pet-Friendly Home infographic has lots more information on creating a safe home environment for your pets, so check it out now!