If you’re looking for a warm destination away from the harsh reality of a New York winter, there are a variety of cheap options to consider. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of fun activities that families can engage in within NYC. However, taking a break from the common routine offers a refreshing change. The kids will certainly have fun and learn a lot when they’re treated to a family vacation.

Whether you’re looking to get a beach tan or simply tour historic cities, there are numerous excursions you can try out without coughing out too much money.

Here are 4 tips to finding an inexpensive winter escape from New York:

  1. Book a bus ticket to Philadelphia 

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    New Yorkers can now catch a Bus from New York to Philly this winter, and it’s super affordable. The cheapest average price for this trip is $11.73. It certainly helps to book early in advance since you get to enjoy incredible deals on bus tickets. There are several carriers who traverse the route from New York to Philadelphia. These include Greyhound, BoltBus, Wanda Coach and Peter Pan Lines. Your family will certainly enjoy their time in Philly.

  2. Compare prices for different destinations


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    If you’re looking for a cheap winter escape option, don’t limit yourself. Instead, consider as many places as possible and narrow down your list according to your budget. Get a variety of quotes from different tour operators and figure out which works for you. There are some surprisingly affordable getaways in Southern Spain. Air tickets will remain low during this period because flights are plenty. In addition, there’s a vast array of accommodation spots to choose from, all of which are delightfully affordable. Travel to Seville, Jerez and other beautiful cities across Spain as you enjoy the warm weather. Take advantage of the competitively low hotel deals there.

  3. Travel to New Paltz 

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    Located at the foot of Shawangunk Mountains, New Paltz is a serene town that harbors immense natural beauty and splendor. It’s not too far from New York – takes just over 2 hours to drive here. There are numerous nature trails here that are easy to traverse. The Mohonk Preserve, for instance, has breathtaking sceneries that are mesmerizing to look at. There’s also the Historic Huguenot Street that consists of around 30 prehistoric buildings constructed in 17th Century times. Guided tours cost as little as $15 per adult, but it’s entirely free for children below 12 years.

  4. Head over to Boston 

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    Filled with rich history and culture, Boston has plenty to offer. New Yorkers can escape the harsh winter reality by travelling to Boston, Massachusetts’s capital city. Once here, you can view different historic landmarks dotting the Freedom Trail. These include the Old North Church and Boston Common. There are fun activities that kids can engage in, such as viewing the boisterous marine life in distinct locations such as the New England Aquarium. Rates are delightfully affordable in Boston – you won’t have to break the bank to experience some fun times here.

These 4 tips will certainly help you locate a cheap winter escape from New York.