Living in Ohio can be wonderful. There are plenty of things to experience, from beautiful art museums to amusement parks to gorgeous scenery. Moving to Ohio from another place can be a great decision.

1. Scenery

The weather in Ohio runs through all four seasons in gorgeous succession and can be enjoyed by everyone, from apartment dwellers to people who occupy the most luxurious homes in Ohio. Cuyahoga Valley National Park has hiking trails, river gorges and beautiful forests that are a haven for wildlife. There are magnificent caves and waterfalls to explore at Hocking Hills, and cabins can be rented by visitors who want to enjoy guided night hikes and other evening activities. Enjoy day or night fishing at Lagoon Deer Park after walking through the large petting zoo. Be prepared to be swarmed by deer, baby goats and sheep upon entering.

2. Amusement Parks

There are two big amusement parks in Ohio. Kings Island in Cincinnati and Cedar Point in Sandusky both have thrilling rides, delicious food and are fun for the whole family. Both parks have roller coasters that are rated among the best in the world. For people who do not like rides, live shows and events are scheduled all season long.

3. Museums

Art lovers can enjoy a day at the Cincinnati Art Museum or the Cleveland Museum of Art. Wander through the galleries to enjoy famous works of art and impressive sculptures, or take a tour to learn even more about the artists and their works. Check out wildlife at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium or head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to admire the achievements of pro athletes.

4. Low Cost of Living

Ohio consistently has a lower cost of living than many other states in the country. A lower cost of living allows people to live their lives more comfortably. Spending less money on necessities like housing, food and clothing frees up any extra funds for use elsewhere. Savings accounts can be built up, or leisure activities enjoyed that increase happiness and general quality of life. It can also reduce the pressure to work more hours, resulting in more free time to enjoy spending time with friends and family members or revel in a hobby.

5. Culture

There is a large population of Amish people in Ohio. The settlements are spread around the state and are great places to visit. The Amish are famous for their homemade products, like cheese, furniture, rugs and fresh produce. Going to an Amish market is a fantastic opportunity to meet people who live life differently and appreciate another way of life.

Moving to a new place can be intimidating but deciding to live in Ohio comes with a lot of perks that can make the process a lot smoother. The lower cost of living is enticing to people who are coming in from more expensive areas, the changing seasons can be magical for people who have never experienced fall or winter before and there are plenty of places to go for day trips or long weekends.