A furnace filter effectively removes impurities from the air inside your house. Furnace filters are used not only to remove dust, dirt, particles, bacteria, or any kinds of air pollutants but also to improve the air quality within your house. Therefore, it would significantly help if you considered some factors when buying furnace filters for your house.

What are the Five Factors You Should Consider? 

A good furnace filter is a crucial part of your house that keeps the house comfortable and ensures a healthy environment for you. Check out the five essential factors you should consider when buying furnace filters:

  • Purchasing from store vs. store: You can purchase furnace filters from online and offline stores. If you purchase online, it isn’t easy to know everything about the model, efficiency, originality, or other things. On the other hand, you can physically check everything about the product while buying something from a physical store. In both cases, you must know the furnace filters needed for your system.
  • The filters’ size: Size is one of the most critical factors when purchasing furnace filters. Your system requires the best fit furnace filter and for that reason, check out the size specifications labeled on the surfaces of furnace filters. You can choose a well-fitted furnace filter by measuring the existing furnace filter’s length, width, and height with a measuring device. Take help from an expert who can install custom filters directly to the houses.
  • Type of the furnace filter: There are several different furnace filters available in the market in sizes, materials, and quality. Some of the filters in the markets are high-efficiency particulate air, carbon filters, electronic furnace filters, electrostatic filters, etc.
  • Air quality requirements: Each house has its structure and requirements. So, the air quality requirement of a house also varies from house to house. For example, highly insulated houses trap pollutants. People with breathing issues and allergic problems need to install the best quality air filter for air purification. Similarly, people who spend the maximum time of their days inside the house need a high-quality furnace filter.
  • The performance level of the furnace filters: Do you know how to rate the performance level of furnace filters? A furnace filter is rated based on its efficiency and performance. We have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating and a clean air delivery rating (CADR). Whichever you choose between these two, make sure you examine the compatibility of the filter with your system.

How can I Choose the Best Furnace Filter for my House?

Find out how the MERV or CADR ratings of the filters related to the particular needs of the people living in your home. If your family members are suffering from allergies or you have pets at home, choose filters with a higher CADR rating. The filters with higher CADR ratings will also help capture excessive dust or airborne bacteria.

Similarly, the furnace filters with a higher MERV rating are more restrictive filters used to decrease the number of airborne particles and allergens in the air inside your house. Be careful while choosing the furnace filters because some HVAC systems are not that powerful to push air through more restrictive furnace filters. The less effective furnace filters cannot block the smallest airborne particles and thus, reduce airflow and cause the house to be cooled down or heated less effectively.

It would help if you chose neither the less effective nor the overworking furnace filters. The overworking furnace filters can damage the hardware. Consult a local technician who can determine your model’s strength. The technician can help you make custom furnace filters as they have good knowledge of furnace filter sizes and the system’s manual.


By capturing airborne contaminants, a high-quality furnace filter may extend the life of the HVAC system and help keep it running efficiently. When shopping for furnace filters, be sure to read the directions carefully. We recommend using Custom Filters Direct to buy highly efficient custom furnace filters online. More frequent furnace filter replacements are necessary to keep the indoor environment free of dust, pollen, grime, and other allergens and residue.