For many people, the first time they experience true autonomy outside of their parent’s home is when they head off to college. This means that college freshmen have a number of new responsibilities and challenges to meet while living at university. And while college is a liberating, exciting experience, it can also cause some students a good deal of stress and anxiety. With that in mind, today we’ll list five important health-and-wellness tips that all college students should be aware of. Check them out here:

Get Plenty of Sleep

Want to give yourself the best possible chance of doing well on a big test? Then make sure to get a solid eight hours of sleep the night before. College students may feel tempted to stay up late studying (or partying), but the reality is that a consistent sleep schedule can help regulate bodily functions, improve mood, and enhance cognitive abilities.

Walk, Run, Bike

Many college students rely on public transport to get around campus. However, if you’ve got extra time, consider walking, jogging, or bicycling around campus instead. Squeezing in a little exercise in between classes is a great way to keep sharp and to burn some calories at the same time!

Make Smart Dietary Choices

Many college students have to find creative ways to budget in order to afford tuition/room and board. Given that fact, it’s important to note that it’s not always easy to live a healthy life on a limited income. Do your best to avoid fast food as often as possible. And if you have to eat at an unhealthy restaurant, seek out the healthiest items available. Making smart dietary choices now will help you build good habits moving forward.

Don’t Smoke

Around 13 percent of adults aged 18-24 smoke cigarettes, and a good number of them either start smoking in college or else solidify this bad habit while at university. Once you start smoking it can be incredibly difficult to stop. Nevertheless, it’s important to abstain from smoking cigarettes because they’re incredibly harmful to your overall health. When in doubt, just say no.

Talk to a Professional 

College students are not health experts. Even though you can go online and look up symptoms for every disease under the sun, it doesn’t mean you can self-diagnose with any accuracy. If you’re concerned about your well-being, make it a point to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. The good news is that there are plenty of same day testing centers that you can visit to receive important medical services and advice.