Adding value to your home doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive remodeling project and there are numerous ways you can improve each room without eating into your savings or taking out a loan. Clever improvement projects can have a significant impact without weeks and weeks of renovating.

Below are 5 simple remodeling projects to increase your home value.

The Kitchen

A kitchen remodel doesn’t need to involve ripping out the old one and starting again from scratch. A clever refurbishment can be a very simple way to add value to your home without major disruption and expenditure.

Give cabinets a new lease of life with a fresh paint job or replacing the veneer to give the appearance of being recently installed. You can also replace fittings such as modern handles and knobs to bring them up-to-date. Finish the job with new shelving for a full refurb which can fool any guest.

Another less conventional improvement that could be considered is a concrete worktop, a kitchen material that has been growing in popularity over the years due to its style and durability. Of course, the grey, ‘industrial’ look won’t be for everyone, so a lick of paint can help brighten things up.

The Bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, bathroom remodeling does not need to become a full replacement project. Sprucing up old tiles and fittings and giving the bath, sink, and toilet a thorough clean and paint job will have your bathroom looking good as new.

The bath is usually the epicenter for the overall room and they can sometimes be costly to replace. The alternative is a refinish, or a simple ‘touch-up’ if it is still relatively new. A refinish can remove any discoloration and gloss over any scruffs or scratches while using white porcelain repair glue can mask any minor blemishes to achieve a high-quality finish.

However, you may be looking for a more drastic transformation which may include a full refit. This, of course, is going to result in higher costs but one way to keep them down is to stick to the current layout, avoiding any changes to existing plumbing which can ramp up costs.

Outdoor Space

The garden or backyard can offer some really fun projects which can definitely add value to your home, without breaking the bank. Creating a new usable space with a modern look and feel is probably easier than you think, especially if you use recyclable materials and do most of the work yourself.

Upcycling is the creative way of transforming unwanted, or broken materials into a usable item – this can be done for decking, seating, fencing, and storage. Wooden pallets can be purchased cheaply and converted into a table and seating, while unwanted decking can be purchased online and restored to pristine condition.

Sectioning off part of your garden to provide an outdoor eating space can effectively create an extra room, especially with the addition of a canopy and ambient lighting.

The Loft

A loft conversion can be a daunting prospect but adding an extra bedroom is the best way to increase the value of your home. Making use of your loft is much cheaper than adding an extension and creating a homely, liveable space can be easier than most people anticipate.

Letting natural light enter your loft is very important if you want to design a comfortable and welcoming bedroom. Installing a skylight is the easiest way to do this, converting a dark, unused loft into everyone’s favorite room.

The Exterior

First impressions are always important when it comes to buildings and the exterior is the first thing anyone will see, that is why it should always look its best. Old doors and windows, peeling paintwork, and dirty brick walls can make your home very unwelcoming and appear unloved.

Consider cladding, rendering, or a full paint job to give your home a full makeover and a bit of wow-factor. Some materials used as finishing on the exterior of a house do not stand the test of time and can look very dated, so keep an eye on the latest trends to find a modern look that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Good luck with any future projects and check out the rest of the house and home section for more hints and tips.