Are there any tools you may not have heard of that would be good to have?

Most of you will know a lot of the more obvious tools to have in your home. Items like hammers and screwdrivers are very common as well as being really useful. But a tool doesn’t have to be well known for it to be good to have on hand when you are doing work in your home.

There are several tools about, which are probably only familiar to DIY experts, or those who have happened upon them by having a specific job to complete. It’s good to know about these tools in case they could ever be useful to you.


How can you use a tap and die set?

You may not know about tap and die sets but it’s likely that at some point you will find one very useful to have. If you need to create a screw hole then tapping makes threads in a smooth hole; you can even work out the correct threads per inch (TPI) so that the screws you use will fit correctly. If, on the other hand, you want to create your own screws you can do so with a die set which cuts threads into a straight metal rod.

photo credit: tudedude via photopin cc

photo credit: tudedude via photopin cc

What can a power chisel do for you?

If you’ve ever had to use a normal chisel then you know how much effort it can take. Using one can seem like really hard work. This is where the benefit of a power chisel comes in. It’s a little like an angle grinder and can take a lot of the stress and strain away from many household DIY tasks.


How can an ancient adze be useful today?

With all the mechanization that has taken place it can be easy to forget the traditional tools of time gone by; that doesn’t mean they can’t still be of use today. Originally used in Ancient Egypt, the adze is an excellent tool for shaping tree trunks into beams, to be used in construction.


The many uses of a squeegee

Most people will probably have used a squeegee for washing but they can be just as useful if you’re painting your home. Spread the paint along the edge of the squeegee and it’s really easy to then spread the paint across the wall that you are decorating. If you want a little pattern to your painting that’s easy. All you need to do is use a pair of scissors to cut a pattern into the edge of the squeegee; this will show up in your wall decoration when it’s complete.


A rescue tool is not just for rescue workers

It may have been designed to be used by members of the rescue services but a rescue tool is very useful for anyone. It can be used for something as simple as prying open a door that is jammed, or something as vital as closing a gas valve. The really great thing about this tool is that it’s small enough to have on your person at any time, just in case of any emergencies.


 What kinds of tools do you have that you love? Anything that you use in a less traditional way as a tool?