Don’t you wish that your home could stay as clean and wonderful as the day you first walked through the door? Over time, dirt accumulates in the corners, and your home starts to look, well, lived in.

With a few inexpensive upgrades and deep cleaning tricks, you can make your home look as new as it did when it was first purchased or built. Here are five ways to recapture that newness.

Revamp Your Floors

Floors tend to bear the brunt of the abuse that your home will endure over the years. Fortunately, you can revamp your floors without investing too much time or money. Start by deep cleaning any tile grout you may have and hiring someone to handle any tile and Grout Repairs you may need. If you have hardwood floors, scrub and treat the wood. Consider having your floors refinished every ten years, especially if you have pets.

If you have carpet floors, take some time to spot treat any visible stains. Then steam clean all of your carpets to improve your home’s hygiene and make your house look like it’s new all over again.

Touch-up the Walls

Your walls also take on a lot of contact and damage over the years, especially if you have children. Set aside some time to wash your walls. Use either dish soap and warm water, a blend of hot water and vinegar or a greasing agent from your local paint store. This will help remove any residue buildup from greasy hands. Remember to scrub down your doors as well.

Once you’ve washed the walls, give them a touch-up. Fill in holes and apply a fresh coat of paint. If you have paint leftover from previous years, use it to cover spots and match the current colors you have on the wall. Do the same with your trim, going through and applying a fresh coat of paint as needed.

Revitalize Your Furniture

You don’t have to invest in brand new furniture to make your home look new again; just take care of the stuff you have now. Vacuum and steam clean your upholstery, adding repairs as needed. If you’re feeling crafty or need a change, consider reupholstering your furniture. Otherwise, some well-placed throw pillows and blankets can do wonders.

For wood furniture, take some time to dust, polish, and treat the wood with oil. Use a furniture marker or a walnut to fill in any scuffs and scratches your wood furniture has accumulated over the years.

Upgrade Your Lighting

What was once new and trendy when you moved in, might be dated and undesirable now. Dated light fixtures are eye-catching and often make your home appear older than it is. If you’re on a budget, you can start with common areas in the home, such as the living room or kitchen. Try to opt for something that’s neutral rather than trendy, otherwise, you’ll have the same problem again in a few years.

Lamps can also start to look dated after a few years. Replace your current lamps with newer ones or do a DIY upgrade on the shade to change the look of them. If replacing perfectly good lamps feels wasteful, consider donating your old lamps to a non-profit thrift shop.

Deep Clean and Upgrade Your Fixtures

Taps, shower heads, and sinks are other areas that see a lot of wear and tear over the years and have a tendency to become dated. Set aside some time to deep clean these fixtures, checking for looseness or damage as you go. If you can, fix the fixtures you have already. Otherwise, consider replacing them with something new.

These steps to making your home new again could be completed over a weekend, with a minimal monetary investment. The next time you find yourself wishing that your house was new again, get to work and make it look that way!