Bad, unhealthy habits and lifestyle routines can have a negative impact on your overall health, limiting the longevity of life if not controlled. But, using several ways to overcome these bad habits can change your life and ensure that you live a healthy, long and fulfilling life. With just a few lifestyle changes you can extend your lifespan. Here are 5 ways to start living a healthier life.


Cut down on alcohol and smoking

Stop drinking alcohol if you can because though it can be good for you excessive intake is bad. If you have to, then drink in moderation and limit your alcohol intake to a glass daily. Avoid drinking two or more drinks a day since this can cause weight gain among other problems like liver disease. If you smoke, quit smoking to lengthen your life. This can slow disease, prevent damage to the lungs and increase survival.

Connect and socialize

Most people suffering from heart disease, loneliness, and depression lack a strong network of friends and family. Avoid negativity or any form of negative influence, toxic relationships, and friendships. Only allow people that are positively minded who will enrich your life.


Eat healthy foods and drinks

Some of the foods and drinks that we eat can have negative effects on the body. To ensure that you are getting the right diet, have a menu and write down everything you eat. Avoid eating processed foods and focus on unprocessed foods. Include a well-balanced meal comprised of the right servings of fruits, vegetables, lean meats like chicken and ground turkey, and grains daily.

Foods containing fiber, vitamins, fruits, and veggies lower the risk of diseases such as heart disease and others like cancer. They also help the body to fight against inflammation and boosts circulation, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Reduce your exposure to the sun

Too much exposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin and body parts such as the face making you look old and unhealthy. It can also lead to skin conditions such as skin cancer. To avoid too much sun, apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher which you can apply on your face and skin or wear protective clothing like a headgear or goggles. These will prevent sun damage spots; wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin that makes you look older and keep you looking young.



Exercising has been known to have positive impacts on the body and with daily exercise, you can maintain a healthy and youthful body. Pick on regular exercises that you will enjoy that work well with your body such as running or walking. These can add up to four years to your life and also have a positive effect on your heart, mind, and metabolism.

Set aside at least two and a half hours of daily exercises depending on how intense the exercise is. If you opt for walking, walk whenever you have time and choose a walking distance that is manageable. You can also pick on a new hobby that will make you feel more fulfilled.

The above ways will help to keep your body looking and feeling young. If possible, make appointments with your doctor for regular checkups to ensure that you are living healthily. You can also find out more about what you can do for a better, healthy life.