Before you turn around twice, wedding season is going to be upon us again. And if you’re planning your own wedding right now, you know how difficult it can be to select a gift for your guests that won’t be eaten in two seconds or become useless once it’s taken home. Sarah Hartnett, the author of this post, is a wedding planner who also writes a blog filled with fun and practical tips for making your big day as special as possible. And she’s got some great alternative ideas for you!

There are so many details to consider when you are planning the perfect wedding. You will need to decide on the flowers, tablecloths, party decorations, bridesmaid dresses and the décor. These little details will come together to create the perfect wedding.

One of the details you will need to consider when planning your wedding is the wedding bombonieres or favours. These are the sweet finishing touches that will really wow your guests and leave them with a keepsake to remember your special day.

When it comes to a wedding bomboniere, why not choose something that has practical value as well as sentimental value? If your wedding favours have a practical purpose, your guests will use them in their daily lives. Do you want to give your guests practical favours but are stuck for ideas? Here are some tips for choosing clever and practical wedding favours.

Clever Kitchen Gadgets

One of the best ways to provide your guests with practical bombonieres is to opt for personalised kitchen gadgets. For example, you could create unique wedding favours in the form of wine bottle stoppers, coasters, salt-and-pepper shakers, bottle openers and measuring spoons and cups. These wedding favours can be personalised with the names of you and your spouse as well as the date of the wedding. The great thing about practical wedding favours made from kitchen gadgets is that your guests will use them often. Every time they open a bottle of wine or place their cup of coffee on a coaster, they will think back to the wonderful time they had at your wedding. Or give them something to cook with or drink, like a bottle of olive oil or personalized bottle of wine.


The Flames of Love

Another approach you could consider is creating special candles for all of your wedding guests. This wedding favour is practical because when your guests return home, they can burn the candle and enjoy its fragrant scent. The candle can also have a beautiful holder or label so it can be used as a decoration in the home of your guests. And if you’ve got time, you can even make them yourself.


Sweet Treats

How about giving your guests edible wedding bombonieres? You could give out an assortment of sweets or cookies in a beautiful jar or tin that is personalised with your names and the date of your wedding. The guests can eat the delicious treats inside and then keep the decorative tin for themselves. You could also give your guests high-quality dark chocolate with a wrapping that is personalised with your wedding dates and a beautiful bow.


Let Your Relationship Grow

If you are passionate about the environment, why not give out wedding favours that are straight from Mother Earth? A really cute idea is to give each of your guests a tiny tree sapling in a little pot when they leave your wedding. They can take the baby tree home and plant it. They can watch the tree grow over the years and let it symbolise your growing relationship. You could also use small herb plants (like basil, rosemary, lavendar or thyme) as wedding favors. Or even personalized seed packets.


Frame a Special Moment

Another idea for a practical wedding bomboniere is a photo frame. The frames can be used as holders for place cards around the table at the wedding reception. Afterwards, the guests can take them home and place their own photos in the frame. You can even order personalised frames that you can inscribe with a message or your names and the date.


When it comes to choosing wedding bombonieres, the trick is to think about how your guests will use the gift after the wedding. If you can find wedding favours that are practical as well as beautiful, they will find their way into the homes of your friends and family and serve as special keepsakes for many years to come.

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