Traveling for business has its perks, but often, the stress for business travel doubles as versus when you travel for leisure. You’re not only thinking about yourself and your family. Every mishap or misstep makes you concerned about your client and your employer, whether that’s you or not.

That’s why you should take advantage of all the perks and conveniences available to maximize your success and relieve your stress. Check out these six business travel tips to upgrade every step of your journey.


1. Create a Checklist

Task lists prove highly effective for navigating meetings and accomplish goals on the job. Create a checklist to plan for and get through the business trip.

Break up a larger checklist into several smaller ones, but don’t overwhelm yourself. If you want to travel light and avoid checked baggage, board with a carry-on only, and make a list of basics that work casually and professionally. What items can you dress up and down? Pack darker clothes since they hide stains, and you won’t have to think too much about getting dressed.

Make smaller lists for what you’ll place in your inner pocket or purse. List what goes into your briefcase.

An essential checklist you should never skip is a random items checklist, which will include items such as a spare phone charger and flash drive, along with extra business cards. List items you know are necessary and that you’ll likely forget.

2. Avoid Checked Luggage

Though previously mentioned, it can’t be stressed enough — avoid checked luggage whenever possible. Misplaced luggage hurts more traveling for business versus leisure.

Checking a barrage of luggage causes extraneous complications when bags go missing and flights get delayed. Keep items with you for convenience and security.


3. Precheck Yourself at Security

Some programs allow you to precheck and pre-screen yourself to avoid long lines, but you’ll have to endure the lines in programs and countries with stricter security.

Sign up for frequent flier programs which reward you with hospitality lounges, priority boarding, seat upgrades and mileage for future flights. Register for Global Entry and TSA Precheck. Whether you travel for a company or as an entrepreneur, these upgrades and little luxuries keep you sane when plans fail.


4. Plan for Personal Time

Traveling for business takes a toll on your time and energy, and you’re often stuck in long lines and layovers. It feels lonely when you’re a solo business traveler, and only 17 percent of business travelers take a spouse or friend along. Plan for personal time to destress and enjoy the sights with a loved one. Plan to visit a restaurant, music event or other activity.

Request an extra day or two off to enjoy the area, or at least allow for extra personal time off when you arrive. Dealing with jet lag and time transitions isn’t fun. Don’t let it affect your productivity at work.


5. Pack Your Own Snacks

More to pack? Yes, and it’s worth it to make your own snacks.

You may have the run of ordering whatever you like on the plane or may need to adhere to procedures outlined by your company. Plane food isn’t customizable and often proves expensive and bland.

Provide your own snacks as an alternative and healthier solution, such as fig bars, dried fruits, trail mix, jerky, grapes and nuts. Vegetarians can get in dehydrated vegetables, beans and more, such as kale, broccoli or chickpeas. These snack ideas will go easy on your digestion and keep your appetite satisfied.


6. Charge Before Travel

Charge all devices before you leave for your trip, especially any backup batteries. Double check connectivity before your departure, and learn where and when wireless is offered on board, at the airport and near where you’ll stay. Arrange and lay out everything you need — your boarding outfit, wallet, keys and carry-on. Get a morning ritual in mind so you will board your plane on time. Set up any notifications you need in advance.

Do all of this so you can charge yourself before traveling. If you’re in for a long flight, eat a healthy dinner and get extra sleep. Crack open a good book and read the first chapter before bed. You’ll feel ready to sink into the second chapter while on board, and everything will go smoothly as a result.

Follow these six tips to upgrade every step of your business trip. From packing versatile, dark business clothing to charging devices before traveling, you’ll confident about the tasks ahead and get the most out of your journey.

What tips do you use to get you through long flights?


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