If you’re set to look for a condo for sale in Singapore or elsewhere for university or work, finding the right place for you into is not as tough as you think if you know what you’re doing.

The goal is to find a place where you picture yourself living in for a long time. A place that is comfortable and accessible, and includes unique amenities for practical living. To help guide you in your condo hunting, here are important things to take note of when you’re looking for that perfect home.

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Tight security

As soon as you enter the building, check the vetting system before both guests and tenants enter. If it seems that it’s too relaxed, you might not want to put that building on top of your list. What you want is a place where even Ocean’s 8 is going to have a hard time infiltrating.

Strict security protocols will definitely allow you to worry about more important things and put your mind off of burglars and breaches.


Accessible location

See if the condo is near places you need and want to be in. A condo is supposed to be a time-efficient way of going to and from key places, so you’re looking for a place that cuts your commute time. In fact, it would be amazing if you find one that is only a walking distance away from some of your destinations.


Study the floor plan

The difference between apartments and condos is the floor plan. The former rarely has options, while the latter surely has one. The floor plan will show you the layout of a unit and allow you to plan what you want done in your condo before you even decide to move in.

This also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your living situation. Maybe you want to share this condo with a friends, then choosing one that is big enough for two or more is the good option. Conversely, if you want to live alone for a while but need the space so you can move around comfortably, you can decide to choose a bigger unit and break down some walls.


Check the amenities

Condo units usually come with amenities of their own. Some come with workout facilities, pools, and a gaming area. There are some which offers a laundromat or F&B outlets of their own. See if there are amenities that you’d want to have easy access to and ask the terms of use.


Ask about their pet policy

You might want to have a dog or a cat in your unit anytime soon. But if the condo unit you’ll be choosing doesn’t allow that, ask if they can transfer you where it’s allowed. Ask about pet limits, as well. You don’t want to house the whole zoo in secret when you’re only allowed 3 pets.


Learn building rules

So you’re sure you won’t suffer angry neighbors or the condo patrol, learn the building rules. These are imposed for a reason anyway, for everyone’s safety and comfort. Make sure you know when you can blast your music, and when to keep it down.

Living in a condo is a practical decision. You don’t need to worry about maintaining a huge house or the expenses that come with it. Condos are built to last, provides 24-hour security, and offers their own utilities maintenance. If this is your first real investment, then you’ve made the right decision.