The holiday season is a festive time of year for so many reasons. It allows family and friends alike to come together and celebrate, and it also gives people a chance to decorate their homes in all sorts of fun ways.

I have little doubt that you are seeing plenty of things to decorate your home with for the holidays. Virtually anywhere you look Thanksgiving and Christmas items are popping up. If the crafting bug has bitten you as you perused lots of smart ideas online, you may even be thinking of visiting local craft store. If you pop into a place such as Jo-Ann Fabric, where they offer all sorts of coupons and promo codes on many of their products, you can save money on anything that you might need to make your home look its best this holiday season…and have more money to buy even more thoughtful gifts for loved ones!

Here are some fun and creative ways that you can decorate your home for the holiday season and wow all of your family and friends!


Snowman Tree Ornaments

Creating these is a task that’s very simple. All you need is an empty baby food jar, acrylic paint (black, white, and orange in color), and ribbon. Paint the lid of the jar black and the jar itself white, then decorate the jar itself with a snowman face. Use a ribbon to then hang the jar from your tree.


Show Off Your Greeting Cards

Every year during the holiday season, millions of people receive greeting cards that they eventually end up just tossing aside or throwing into the garbage. Instead of doing this, consider displaying them on your wall or on a piece of bulletin board for your friends and family to see. This will show them that not only did you receive what they sent you, but that you also care about what they sent you as well.

vintage Christmas decor

Paper Angels

All you need in order to make these festive decorations is either white cardstock or white paper plates. Simply cut out your preferred shape of wings, a head, and create a small body for the angel itself. Glue or tape them together, and you’re finished!


Spray Paint Artificial Trees

If you’re bored with the traditional color of your artificial tree, consider sprucing things up a bit and spray painting it white, no matter how big or small the tree itself may be. This will allow for a more sophisticated and clean look in the long run.


Use More Than One Outdoor Wreath

If you have two exterior front doors, make use of both of them! Consider using two wreaths instead of just one. You will be creating a look that is completely classic and sophisticated for your home as a result.

Christmas Door

Create “Pillow Presents”

Creating something like this is extremely easy and fun at the same time. Simply take your favorite holiday-type bow and tie it around a pillow on your sofa. This will make the pillow itself appear as though it’s a gift box!


Hot Chocolate Jars

To make this, take any size jar that you wish and place your favorite hot chocolate mix inside it. After that, simply add in whatever toppings you wish, followed by an optional straw, and you’ll have a great and delicious-looking hot chocolate jar that your guests – and even you – will want to start digging into rather than just leaving out as a decoration!

Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream In A Mason Jar.