46The average person spends anywhere between one quarter and one third of their day in bed. It is not just where we sleep, but a place where many people drink coffee, have breakfast, text and phone loved ones, exchange ideas with partners, weigh major decisions and watch movies.

For all these experiences to be comfortable, however, your bedding plays a major part. There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your bedding on a regular basis.

1. Change Your Style

For many people, all-white bedding is a default. While there are many benefits of going with an all-white design, you may discover that adding patterns can give your bedroom a new lease on life. And that doesn’t mean completely discarding your bright white theme.

You could, for instance, choose two or three different patterned comforter and pillowcase sets from an online retailer such as Vision Bedding to change up the style every few months, and add interest and variety to your room. Tone down bright patterns with a turned-back duvet, plain pillows and solid flat sheets.

2. Introduce Color

A bold-colored duvet cover is a low-cost, low-risk way to change the ambience of your bedroom. In case you do not like the result, you simply take it off and revert to your previous setup.

Introducing even a relatively small amount of color can make a change that is significant enough that you can leave all other elements of the bedroom unchanged. A gold duvet, for example, warms and elevates the space for a more elegant feel. The soft, chic, blue-gray palette ensures you retain a serene mood. You could even invest in several different duvets so you can change them as needed in tandem with your mood or the season.

3. Tap Into New Trends

Trends may seem fleeting, but that does not necessarily make them unworthy of adopting. If you notice a trend in bedroom design, it is worth checking it out.

For example, pink has traditionally been associated in the bedrooms of young girls, however, there has been a growing trend of using soft rose shades in adult bedrooms as well. They can give the room a fresh and airy feel, especially when paired with crisp white duvet covers, pillowcases and blankets. It is contemporary and chic and currently on trend.

Be careful that the trend is consistent with the other elements of your bedroom that you plan to leave unchanged. Pink may work well with neutral-colored walls, but not as well with bold colors such as bright green.

4. Wake Up Reenergized

One of the best signs of a quality bedroom is how well it helps you unwind and relax. Research has consistently shown that if your bedroom is clean, comfortable and orderly, you are likely to enjoy better quality of sleep. Your bedding plays a major role in this regard.

Regularly changing your bedding is an opportunity to pick a design that you love and is inviting. Whereas your current bedding may have created the right atmosphere for you in the past, your space needs change to keep your mind refreshed and reenergized.

5. Improve the Quality of Bedding

If you have been living with the same bargain sheets for several years, upgrading your bedding is a chance to move up in quality. Investing in quality sheets will ensure your sheets do not wear out or degrade quickly, saving you money in the long run. Cotton sheets have remained popular for so long, but not all cotton sheets are created equal. You are bound to get the best results if you choose soft cotton sheets with a high thread count.

For best results, get sheets that have a thread count of 200 or more. That implies there are at least 200 threads for each square inch of fabric. If you are aiming for smooth bedding, opt for sateen. If the goal is a crisper feel, go for percale weave. Egyptian cottons have a reputation for the highest quality, but you should keep an open mind when shopping.

6. Go Romantic

The bedroom is the love room. So romantic considerations should be up there with the main reasons for regularly changing your bedding. No more settling for gaudy fabrics that characterized your younger years. Look for ways to inject some old-fashioned romance.

It is hard to go wrong with a timeless, floral spread. If you have always longed for breathtaking, French-style bed covers, here is a chance to indulge.

7. Feel the Silk

Silk bedding is not cheap. However, if you struggle with allergies, then choosing silk is not just a luxury choice, but a practical and health-conscious one. Silk is hypoallergenic but that is not the only reason it is such an excellent option when upgrading your bedding.

Silk helps your body cool down more quickly if you live in an area with warm weather where overheating at night is expected. Silk also better retains body warmth during the cold winter months. Of course, there’s also the added bonus of silk looking and feeling beautiful.

Take the Plunge

You do not have to settle for one bedding type and design for life. Take the plunge and let your new set of beddings breathe new life into your bedroom experiences. While it will cost you, upgrading your bedding will be more than worth it for an improved sense of comfort, relaxation and style.