College dorms are often small, dull, plain, dated, and unglamorous living spaces. You have to fit all your things in the small room and at times, you sacrifice style and organization. Regrettably, in most dorms, you can’t change the main elements such as paint, floors, and beds. However, your college dorm does not have to be boring and messy; you can decorate it to enhance its appearance.

Here are seven tips for decorating your college dorm.

1. Look for easy places to decorate

You cannot decorate every space in your dorm so opt for walls and floors because they do not take up the already limited space. You can use area rugs to make the space warmer, bigger, and brighter and cleaning easier. Print a mural of your choice and stick it to your dorm wall and the room will feel bigger and look incredible.


2. Lighting is essential

Good lighting makes a room look bigger and spacious. You can brighten your room using floor lamps and other interesting light fixtures. Imagine writing your paper in a poorly lit room. You strain your eyes and increase the probability of getting eyesight problems. You can get research proposal writing help to aid with your writing assignments as you concentrate on other important things.


3. Add a cozy canopy to your bed

A canopy bed is a dream bed for many people that display your style and personality. Add a cozy canopy to your bed using removable command hooks and sleep like royalty as you exhibit your creativity and style.


4. Avoid Clutter

Clutter makes a room look messy and disorganized. Pack all your essentials neatly and dispose or donate things that you do not need. No matter how well you decorate your room, it is useless with all the clutter lying around. Just let that clutter go!


5. Add Color

You can use bedspreads, curtains, and pillows to add color to your college dorm and make it vibrant. Bedspreads are the focus of the room and hence a great place to add color. Consider adding some colorful curtains to decorate your windows. In addition, you can buy some pillows in different colors to spruce up your dorm.

6. Loft your bed

Lofting your bed creates more space to work with and you get extra space to add a desk or futon. Lofted beds can provide additional space for storage. Do not try to loft your bed yourself because it can injure you. Let the maintenance team do it because they have the skills and expertise.


7. Personalize your room

Find ways to personalize your room and make it special. You can hang your photos on one corner of the room to make the place feel like yours. Consider placing high school memorabilia on your walls to provide comfort, character, and design to your room. You can illuminate your photos by hanging them beside twinkle lights.

Majority of college dorms are dull, plain, and boring. With a few decorating tips and tricks, you can make your space colorful, unique, and fun without breaking the dorm rules. Use these tips to make your college dorm feel spacious and look inviting. You don’t have to spend most of your year in a cramped and bland dorm.