If you’re planning on giving your kitchen a makeover, whether to boost your home’s value or enhance its functionality, there are many worthwhile upgrades to consider.

But before we get into some impactful upgrade options, keep in mind that it’s essential to create a kitchen remodel budget that details all the costs involved, from new items to labor and everything in between. While creating your budget, you’ll also be able to identify costs that you can reduce.

Nevertheless, here are seven worthwhile kitchen upgrades to consider.

Water Filtration System

Clean drinking water is undeniably essential for all homes. Without a water filtration system, you’ll need to purchase bottled water. And this can become costly and take up a lot of your storage space.  Instead of buying bottled water to avoid common contaminants found in tap water, you won’t regret investing in a kitchen sink water filter. These filters only cost a few hundred dollars, and they’re also easy to install.

New Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you have the budget-friendly option of vamping up your existing cabinets with a fresh coat of stain and varnish or paint. Otherwise, if your budget is lenient enough, you could invest in new cabinets that genuinely set the tone for the whole kitchen.

It’s vital to ensure your kitchen cabinet layout allows maximum storage without compromising space. Avoid corner cupboards and consider adding cabinets that reach the ceiling.

Invest In Modern Appliances

New appliances can be a substantial cost. However, because modern appliances are typically energy-efficient, you won’t regret this upgrade. Switching to new eco-friendly appliances will also boost home value substantially. Moreover, new appliances are enough to completely transform any kitchen design.

That said, remember to choose appliances that match one another for a uniform look.

Lighting That Makes A Statement

Proper lighting is essential for a kitchen. But you don’t have to settle for standard boring lighting fixtures. Instead, you can opt for lighting that makes a statement. Some of the best lighting fixture options for the kitchen are chrome hanging lights, pendant lighting, and adjustable ceiling light installations that offer a clean and modern look.

Once you have chosen lighting fixtures, be sure to use light bulbs that are bright enough to properly illuminate the kitchen. Avoid warm yellow bulbs and choose bright white lighting.

Modern Flooring

The right kitchen flooring will be durable while still making a statement. Look for flooring with beautiful finishes, like large black tiles with a subtle silver pattern, or even hardwood flooring.

You’ll need to set aside quite a chunk of your budget to replace the flooring in your kitchen. Additionally, it’s wise to rely on a contractor to redo this element of the kitchen; retiling or installing hardwood flooring is no easy feat.

Counters That Grab Attention

Next, evaluate your countertops and decide if they’re outdated in comparison to all your other upgrades. More often than not, it’s wise to replace countertops as well. Opt for modern countertops that showcase the quality and complement the aesthetic appeal you’re after. Solid surfaces like slate, concrete, or even granite are top options.

A New Backsplash

After repainting the kitchen walls to match your efforts, it’s also wise to install a new backsplash that makes as much of a statement as your new lighting.

If you decide to install a patterned backsplash, keep simplicity in mind. Otherwise, you can also consider a plain backsplash that adds texture and variance to the walls. Moreover, be sure your backsplash complements your choice of flooring perfectly.

You can also consider installing an island if your kitchen has the extra space. An island can transform the kitchen by adding extra storage space while serving as a seating area.

The Benefits Of Relying On Professional Contractors

While you can install the water filtration system, lighting, and cabinet fixtures on your own, you might battle to manage the rest of the kitchen remodel unless you’re DIY-savvy.

Instead of struggling on your own, relying on professional contractors is often best. This professional service will handle the entire job in less time, so you’ll be able to get back to your everyday life a lot sooner. In addition to this, you can rest assured the results will be perfect.

There are tons of impactful ways to give your kitchen a makeover that will enhance property value. Even so, it’s critical to create a remodel plan and a budget that includes all the relevant costs of the project.