It’s that time of year again, and students all over the country are heading to college, either for the first time or as an old pro. Students usually have small dormitory rooms and, moreover, are on a budget. Therefore, it may seem hard to make the room stylish and cozy. However, it really is not so, especially if you know what you’re doing.

Forget about your studies for a while, close that page about the essay writing services, spend some time reading this useful article, and think about your home for the next few semesters and what your life will be like in it.

Here are 9 top décor ideas that can help you to make your dormitory more bearable, attractive and functional.

Female student in dorm

  1. Fill the walls with photographs
    Hang up some pictures of your family, your dog or cat and yourself with friends on the walls. When you are stressed out, look at these pictures and you will become much more happy and relaxed. However, do not spend all the days staring at these photos in order not to become homesick.
  2. Hang a map up somewhere
    Buy the world map and hang it up on the wall or a door. Mark the places you traveled to and the cities or countries you want to visit. It will be not only interesting for you but also for your guests. Haven’t been anywhere yet? Buy a cool Indian statue or other accessory from a place like Worldcraft Industries and mark the places you want to go on the map instead!
  3. Posters are needed
    Almost nobody likes white walls. Transform them into the bright ones in your dorm! Buy the posters with the image of your favorite music bands, movie actors or animals. It does not matter what the pictures are, they have to be appealing for you.
  4. What about handmade?
    In addition, you can make a poster of your wants and needs by yourself. Cut out some pictures from the magazines or journals and stick on a white piece of paper (choose the size of it by yourself).  You may find the pictures of the house, car, wife/husband and job of your dreams. This poster will be unique and may motivate you to reach your goals.
  5. Buy some plants
    Bring a life to your room. Buy something that grows and even blossoms (if you do not have the allergy). However, you have to remember to water these plants every day. Therefore, if you do not know if you are able to care about something alive (besides yourself) but you still want to have something green, consider buying a cactus (which does not have to be watered every day) or artificial plants. Moreover, it is a great idea to buy some plants that are suitable for cooking. For example, rosemary, parsley or thyme.
  6. Warm hugs & rugs
    Buy a couple of rugs to make you feel warmer during the cold winters.
  7. Bring color
    Buy some colorful items to your dormitory. Bed sheets, cups, pots for your plants and curtains can be in a range of similar yet different colors. Choose between warm and cool colors and stick to them while decorating your dorm to make it a stylish one.
  8. Buy a couple of pillows
    Funny and soft pillows…What can be better? Make the zone you spent the most of your time comfortable.
  9. Take care of your dorm Always keep your room tidy and clean. Remember to Hoover your dormitory at least once a week. Cause really, who wants to be friends with a slob? And if it’s clean, it looks bigger too!