Today was a big day. We got to meet the lawnmower, which obviously isn’t nearly as interesting as eating ivy out of the flower beds. “I hate the stuff anyway,” was my hubby’s response. Can’t be good news for the ivy….we also like eating grass clippings, bark, dirt, moss and just about anything else we can get our puppy mouth around. Going to be a very interesting time. I’ve heard a lot of people with Newfs say that they aren’t able to maintain any sort of grass or yard with Newfs…definitely makes me a bit scared cause I don’t want to be able to hold mud pit wrestling matches in our back yard (boy would the neighbor’s love that)…but I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out. Bought an interesting book called “Dog Friendly Gardens, Garden Friendly Dogs” and they had some interesting tips and insights in it…nothing earth shattering but at least good things to keep in mind…so I’m hoping we can avoid mud wonderland and manage to have places for the entire family to enjoy (even the cats if they’re really good).

Ayla the soccer champ

We also did a lot of trimming to our bushes (sure we are too late since everything has already budded but that’s our usual MO anyway) and Ayla has started making her own doggy beds under several of the bushes…the interesting thing will be when she starts to outgrow the spaces but she still tries to get in there…certainly gonna get some pictures of that to share very soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

The cats also made a journey out into the yard today. Since we had the back door open, they were able to creep out and check things out. Ayla saw Marilyn already but she was gone before any real interaction could occur. It’s starting to appear that they might be able to all get along after all…well we figure Princess will hate the dog just as much as she usually hates the rest of us lol

Having a puppy also means finally getting to know some of our neighbors a bit better. Lots of people we’ve never talked to before are stopping by the back fence to coo at the new puppy…and Ayla is pretty freaked out by all of them which is rather cute…and hopefully will start changing as we get her in classes and she gets older ๐Ÿ˜‰ We want her to be friendly but not kill them with kindness either lol

Overall it was a really good day. She’s really easy to manage with two people since one person can clean up the potty accidents while the other person keeps her distracted…nothing better than eating paper towels it seems. The rest of the week should be really interesting, though, since hubby will be going back to work tomorrow (he had today off to help get Ayla introduced into the family) so hopefully I won’t have lost all my hair by Friday.