We live in a beautiful world and when we’re able to go traveling or sightseeing, we should appreciate how privileged we are to be able to see our planet in all its splendor. This applies whether you’re cruising to Jamaica, witnessing the northern lights, or simply heading off on a little city break such as to Barcelona.

One of the most rewarding things that you can do during your time on this earth is to see the rain forests; you’ll want to do it sooner rather than later because they’re disappearing at an alarming rate and they might not be around for long.

The good news is that we’ve put in the hard work for you to identify everything you need to know if you’re thinking about going to see the rain forests. Here’s your guide to the most beautiful rain forests that the world has to offer.

A guide to the most beautiful rain forests of the world

1.       Daintree, Australia

Daintree is located in Australia, which might not be the first country that you think of when you think about rain forests but which would be almost criminal to overlook. Daintree sits right alongside the Great Barrier Reef and is one of the oldest tropical rain forests in the world. It’s truly unforgettable.

2.    Harapan, Indonesia

This Indonesian rain forest is one of the best rain forests to visit if it’s the wildlife that interests you. According to the RSPB, this place is home to such a biological explosion that it’s classed as one of the world’s biggest biodiversity hotspots. You can expect to see everything from Sumatran tigers to orangutans, elephants, and leopards. Just make sure you take a camera with you!

3.      Khao Yai, Thailand

This national park in Thailand has been open for nearly sixty years and while it’s only the third-largest national park in the country, it covers areas of stunning rain forest and thousands of square kilometers of the imposing Dong Phaya Yen Mountain Range. Guided tours are available and this is one of the few locations where you can see mountains and rain forests in the same place.

4.      Primorsky Krai, Russia

This Siberian region is a paradox in that despite being in an area known for Russian snowfields, it has surprisingly pleasant weather. It’s also nestled against the Pacific Ocean and is home to a huge variety of plant and animal wildlife, as well as more than 500 unique sites of superior natural beauty. The sights that are on offer here are unlike anything else in the world, and it’s sure to make for a vacation you’ll never forget.

5.       The Amazon

The mighty Amazon rain forest – along with the river which gives it its name – is the first thing that most people think of when they think about rain forests. No list like this would be complete without a mention of this huge tropical rain forest that covers parts of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. It’s the world’s largest rain forest, bigger than the next two largest rain forests combined, while the Amazon River is the world’s largest river by volume. It truly is an extraordinary place.


Now that you know just a few of our picks for the world’s most beautiful rain forests, it’s up to you to start planning your trip. Don’t forget to pack light so that you have plenty of space to bring souvenirs and gifts back home with you.

In the meantime, you’re ready to start looking ahead to the future, so start booking things where you can and feel free to get yourself in the mood by looking at some photos and videos, too. You could even consider buying yourself a new camera and going on a photography course to make sure that the photos you take will capture memories that will last a lifetime. Happy travels!