Maui is quite an interesting place to go for a vacation. It emanates an ambiance best suited for couples but not necessarily does it have to be exclusive to them. Maui can be magical if explored in the right way, so here are some tips and tricks for you before you head down to Maui for an exceptional holiday.

Where to stay

If you are landing there by a plane, then you’ll be landing on Kahalui. If you are going to look for places to stay and beaches to get sun-soaked, then head down to Lahaina which is quite a high-end place with some of the best hotels and beaches. Similarity, if you travel towards the north, you have Kapalua which is great too. There are a lot of luxurious and comfortable Maui homes for rent which you can easily book for your vacation. If your hippie-heart is in the mood, then head straight to Paia which is where the journey to Hana starts.



Once you are done deciding for your lodging, it’s time you decide to resolve your commute issue. Cars are essential here and are quite expensive. Ubers and yellow cabs are always an option except that they will draw in a heavy amount on your budget. Use places like Dollar or Thrifty to get hold of a nice ride, which usually wouldn’t have a smell of somebody dying inside. To know this place and for you to explore intricately, you’d be needing a car and renting one out is as important as staying in a hotel. TTravelingto Hana is perhaps the most important part of this trip and is the most intriguing of the lot too. is the site that has a lot of options when it comes to renting cars where you can even compare prices.


Things to do at Maui

Maui is a place full of possibilities and for a place that reeks of it, you wouldn’t exactly have to worry about having fun. Activities here are endless but it all depends on how much time you are willing to spend. There are a few things that you can try, of which the blown art classes at Hui No’eau visual arts is a unique one. And if you have heard about the famous Elvis Show, then you have to get yourself a ticket for that. Apart from them, here are some of the most popular things you must try out in Maui.


Take a trip to the Ocean Centre

The Ocean Centre has a huge aquarium which is a very regular tourist spot and can be added to your list of activities. The aquarium is near to the Maalaea Port which is in the South. By the time you reach these places, you are likely to be bored, so take a drive northward towards the airport where you can make a stop on Mendes. It is a ranch where you can go horseback riding and maybe visit the place where Jurassic Park was shot.

Visit the beaches

Ka’anapali is where all the chill beaches are and are towards the north-west. Resorts here are fancy too so if you are looking for one, then please be here. This also happens to be a great snorkelling spot and the catamarans come near “The Black Rock” in the hopes of getting spotted from the hotel window. Ho’opika is a great spot of windsurfing. Professionals also highly recommend this place for windsurfing. This also is the first stop on your road to Hana. If all these activities are putting pressure on your budget, then try hiring the equipment from some rental places.

Makena beach should be your next stop where you can see people boogie board. Here such an activity is quite dangerous where lifeguards have said that a lot of these skating enthusiasts end up getting neck and spine injuries. But, yes, of course, it would take a tremendous amount of talent to be able to skate in such a spot. The waters at Paia is fantastic except that you are advised not to end up on the murky water which is usually where the shark attacks take place. Proper signages are provided since sharks frequent the murky water. If you look closely, you also might find a shark or two swimming there.


Relax at one of the spas

Maui has an excellent choice when it comes to spa treatments. Most of the hotels here have spa accommodation but it might be a bit heavy on your budget (if you have one). You can still enjoy a nice session at a spa outside of any hotel since standalone ones are always available. It would take you 15$ to get your nails done and that is not quite reasonable. At least for the ones who are into spa and self-care.


Check out some local waterfalls

The road to Hana is filled with activities and spots to stop by. Get in touch with the locals and see the local Waterfall yourself which obviously is barely saturated. It might be a bit heavier on the monetary side, but it sure is worth it. You can also have the entire place to yourself, swimming and jumping around without having to think about being creeped out. Don’t forget to carry mosquito sprays since it might get a bit hairy with the mosquitoes. There are places which are some of the best hidden gems of a place in Maui. The locals can get you a glimpse of these places at a reasonable price.


This guide should comprehensively help the ones starting out or are planning to travel here anytime soon. A small tip before ending: Please do visit luau before ending with your trip. From local cuisine to culture, Maui has a lot to offer especially when you are open to possibilities since it is a place that dishes out opportunities to everyone.