So I’m back from the farm and running errands…finally.

I waited and waited for the container guy to show up. Finally after waiting three hours and past their usual time frame, I decided I was ready to get out of there since there wasn’t really much I could do besides surf the web. It was good that I was there for a while though because our painter friend came by to check on his crew and asked a few questions about things so at least I was there and he didn’t need to track Stefan down since he’s still in the middle of this conference. And I figure the faster they get the answers they need, the sooner they can get things finished ๐Ÿ˜‰

I managed to get a few photos before I left. The house is looking worse than ever lol. But at least once the trash is off the floor and you can see the wood again and the walls are painted, it’s going to look fantastic and all the wall textures will finally match…what an interesting concept ๐Ÿ˜‰

As I was taking photos, I also noticed that Macky had managed to close up around the drain pipe for the bathroom upstairs. Apparently he was rather productive yesterday with several little projects as well which are often the ones that go unnoticed…which I am definitely feeling now with all the packing going on and other chaos.

When I went upstairs to ask him to watch out for the container, I also found that they were finished with the step on the first wall and already framing the second…which means that they should be well underway with that tomorrow and possibly about ready to start finishing out the walls already. I also talked to him about the heaters because it’s incredibly cold in the house with people coming and going all the time…and because most of the heaters are not at full warmth. He added two new radiators in the kitchen but our heating system should have no trouble working those in with the others. The problem apparently lies with there being too much sediment in the water system and it’s clogging up the pipes. So Macky is using a pump to push everything through the system but he wasn’t having any success yesterday so he decided to consult a professional…never a bad idea if you’re not really clear if you’re doing the right thing…but he is indeed on the case and I’m extremely hopeful that by the time we move in and are ready to sleep there on Saturday that we will not be freezing anymore.