Whatever her problem was yesterday, she is thankfully back to “normal” today. I’m hoping the crazy, hyper, nutso, jumping dog behavior is not something we’ll have to deal with every day but I guess we’ll soon see.

We tried a new system this morning. When the hubby takes her out in the morning I get up and get dressed and all that. He stays with her downstairs til I finish his shirt and then I take over. It would seem that she is less hyper with this scenario because when we crate her again after taking her out first thing in the morning, she seems to really get wound up and just goes out of control when I take her out again which I really don’t look forward to.

I’ve noticed a behavior today which probably isn’t new but it sure is funny. When Ayla is sitting on the floor, she will start to slide her rear backwards which then allows her to lay without walking down the front legs. She is also starting to just slide down the front legs on the tile but apparently this doesn’t work quite as smoothly or isn’t as fun cause she doesn’t do it nearly as often.

During one of her early afternoon naps I decided to do some research on establishing the alpha. Found a good article on Canis Major about teaching the dog who’s in charge so I’ve been trying this out with her. Seems like we could be making a little progress already but whenever the FRAP (Frantic Random Activity Periods) hits, she’s just beyond any control. I think our best bet then is to take her outside and let her work it all out of her system…just too many things in the house for her to chew on, pull down or otherwise terrorise and she starts jumping around and nipping at me which we have to deal with very soon. Of course she’s still not quite 9 weeks old and from what I’ve heard from other dog owners and Newf puppy owners, she’s being the best puppy ever. Just have to keep reminding myself of that and continue to thank God that she’s good and not eating the house.

Overall we had a pretty good day. Had some super rambunctious FRAP time after dinner. No idea why she loves jumping around so much right after she eats. Drives me nuts cause I’ve heard the horror stories about dogs getting bloat and I just don’t want to even think about dealing with that. We’re still getting to know each other after all.

Anyways, hopefully sleep time will be painless for all of us and hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed for a change.