Love nature and interesting but easy hiking experiences? If you are visiting Southern Germany in the late spring, summer or early fall, this park is a beautiful place to visit and do a little hiking.

The Baumwipfelpfad Bavarian Forest (or Bayerischer Wald in German) is a wooden boardwalk in the tree-tops of the forest. You walk along 26-82 feet (8-25 meters) up in the air and there are 6 interactive learning stations along the way.  The highlight of the walk is the 44-meter high domed tower that has a walkway leading to the top.

Watch this video about our visit:

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We visited on a beautiful summer day in June 2017. The weather was somewhat cool at around 75 degrees and as we entered into the shady parts of the walk, a light jacket was pleasant to have on. As we strolled higher and the sun came out, the jacket became less needed but was nice to have handy for later. The speed at which the temperature can change in Germany from sunny to shade has always been a head-scratcher to me.

This boardwalk wanders 1300 meters through treetops and offers not only beautiful and serene views but also informational and interactive learning stations along the way. They tell you about the trees and wildlife you may see, as well as forest conservation. But I do seem to recall that much of it was in German so brush up before you go.

All you daredevils will enjoy the rope bridges, balance beams and other challenges built in along the way to make things more exciting.

The boardwalk is extremely easy to navigate and is great for families and visitors of all ages. Those with strollers or wheelchairs will have no trouble with access and an elevator is available from the parking lot to the raised walkway’s entrance. It is also senior friendly and can be walked completely at your own pace. And believe me, the walk is worth it.

The egg-shaped viewing tower is the apex of the walk, and once you climb to the top of this 44-meter tower, the views are just outstanding over the Bavarian and Bohemian forests. On a really clear day, you can see as far as the Alps.

One cool feature at the top is that as you look around the edge of the railings, you’ll know just what you’re looking at because there are lots of little signs.

After you’ve observed the entire land, stroll back down this 500-meter walkway and take a look at those three beautiful spruce and beech trees which this tower encases.

The entire walk took us about an hour to complete at a leisurely stroll including stops at all the activity areas.

To reach the Baumwipfelpfad Bavarian Forest, use the address Böhmstraße 43, 94556 Neuschönau. It’s about 50 minutes west of Deggendorf or a little over 2 hours from Munich. There’s parking on both sides of the street just a short distance from the entry to the elevated walkway.

Hope you enjoyed learning about our visit. We’ll be talking more about Deggendorf in an upcoming post.