Whether you’re going off to college or still in high school, there are lots of great photos to be created by you and your friends. It is easy to make a creative photo if you are not limited by imagination and you have enough crazy friends that can help you. Be ready to make a lot of shots and keep at it, because a really great shot isn’t just created in an instant. In fact, you usually takes a whole lot of planning and work. It you’re a skillful photographer (or have hopes of becoming one), here are 5 fun group photo ideas that are bound to impress. And remember to buy your prints and even a special photo album to fill your best university group photos into. When you’re ready for a break, you can take a load off your mind and buy essay papers or tutoring to help you get your school work done!

Without further ado, let’s get to the awesome photos!

  1. Leg kicks
    A few people should stand in a line and make the faces with the vivid emotions as if somebody kicked them in their stomachs. Moreover, they have to jump! Choose one person who will be “kicking” them and let them jump on “1…2…3”. In addition, it is recommended to make a burst mode on to make the best photos possible.
  2. Radial punch
    Make an illusion of a punch that effects the victims radially. All the group of people should stand making a half-circle and only one boy/girl has to sit on the ground with the all-powerful face. Click the photo button on your camera when everybody will jump in different directions. This photo is easier to make if you are at the beach or on the grass. In addition, you can throw up some sandals or other stuff to make the photo even more impressive. Furthermore, those who are jumping around, do not forget to make the faces full of pain!
  3. Blow your friends off
    This photograph requires a good job of the photographer because here everything is built on a play of angles and perspective. Everybody in the background has to imagine that he/she is standing on a giant hand. A person in the foreground has to blow in the direction of the people standing on his/her hand. Additionally, it can be fun to make the illusion of people running on the palm.
  4. Levitate off the ground
    Jump as high as you all can. Try to put your feet close to each other while jumping. In addition, the photo may become more creative when the types of poses are different among girls and boys. It is also cool when everybody wears the clothes of the same colors.
  5. Water power
    Capture the moment when all the students of your group will be jumping to the swimming pool. The best photos can be taken while everybody is smiling and waving both hands. Make a couple of takes in order to have the photos to choose from.

Group pool photo