A good place to start is always at the beginning. Because I haven’t done any real workout out in about a year, I’ll be using the BodyRock.tv Beginner Workout series to get things going. This series is easy enough for a beginner of any level and can also be done by those who are overweight and/or advanced in age. Once I feel like this routine isn’t pushing me anymore, I’ll either increase reps and/or weights…and ultimately move on to additional exercises too. If you’re working out with me and I start to move on, don’t feel pressured to move also. Every person needs to move at their own pace based on their athletic and physical abilities.

Here’s some starting photos of myself. Maybe I should hit the tanning bed before the next set. 🙂 I will include photos each week to show you my progress in addition to my posts…and I might even throw in a few videos just to make it fun. I hope you’ll do the same so we can really encourage each other along the way.

Current weight: 127 pounds (57.6 kilos)
Height: 5’11” (180 cm)
Body fat: 27% (according to my scale but this could be wrong)

All you need to get started with this routine is a pair of light free weights (dumbbells, pilates balls, cans of soup — anything you can grip firmly in your hand that will give you some additional weight) and an exercise mat. If you’re a bit unstable for some of the exercises you may also want to have a chair nearby. I’ve written out the entire routine below so you know what to expect. I had to work out some of the exercise names myself because Zuzana did not state them so forgive me if they are ridiculous. If you know the correct name, please feel free to point that out and I will promptly correct it. 🙂 I’ve also embedded all 6 videos so you can click from one to the next quickly and easily without going back and forth from her site to mine…and because she doesn’t list all six on a single page either. It just makes it easier to get through the routine.

The workout routine is broken down into 6 videos but it is one complete body workout and you should be doing all steps every day, not just 1/6 of the workout. It will take you about 30-40 minutes. Do each exercise with slow deliberate movements. Also remember to return to the starting point after each rep, pause slightly and then continue with the next rep. The point is to get your body used to these motions and to get you ready for her really hardcore videos which require more strength, stability and coordination. Watch the videos at least once to make sure you’re getting the exercises correct. Also keep an eye on her form so you will work the right muscles and not hurt yourself.

The BodyRock Absolute Beginners Workout Routine

  1. Front punches — 12 reps (6 on each side, alternating)
    Hold weights in hands. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed slightly out. Punch diagonally in front of you, keeping arms parallel to the ground and without locking the elbows.
  2. High kicks — 12 reps (6 on each side, alternating)
    Hold weights in hands. Raise arms until hands are at least shoulder height; level with your head is better/more of a challenge. Kick leg up toward opposite hand. Try to kick your hand if you can.
  3. Squat to arm/leg raises — 12 reps (6 on each side, alternating)
    Hold weights in hands. Bring feet together. Squat until almost to seated position (as if sitting down in a chair). As you stand up, lift your arms out to shoulder height and raise one leg out to the side.Repeat exercises 1-3, then go on.
  4. Squats to knee ups — 16 reps (8 on each side, alternating)
    Hold weights in hands. Squat all the way down, toes pointed slightly out and knees staying apart. Bend elbows, bringing arms into your body and hold weights at shoulder height. Your elbows should point down to your knees. Stand up and once you are fully standing, lift one knee up to your chest.
  5. Laying arm raises — 12 reps
    Lay on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Make sure that your lower back is pressing into your mat and contract your abs. With the weights in your hands, extend your arms so your hands are by your hips. Raise your arms up over your head and down to the floor above your head, keeping your arms extended the whole time. Then return them back to the starting position.
  6. Laying scissors 12 reps
    Again, still laying, make sure your lower back is pressing into the mat and that your abs are engaged. Raise your arms with weights in-hand so that your arms are extended straight above your head. Move your arms in opposite directions, one down to your hips and the other to the floor above you head, keeping your arm extended the whole time. Return both arms to the middle and pause. (1 rep) Then repeat, alternating which arm goes up and down.

    Repeat exercises 5 and 6, then go on.

  7. Kneeling leg lifts — 15 reps on each leg
    Kneel down on all fours. Keep your back straight and your abs tight. Extend one leg straight out behind you, point your toes and slowly lift your leg up and down. You should keep the glutes and the rest of the muscles on your extended leg contracted when performing the leg raises. Only your leg should be moving, not the rest of your body which is taking the momentum from the move. Do all reps of one leg then return to your starting position and begin on the other leg.
  8. Kneeling side leg lifts — 15 reps on each leg
    Still kneeling on all fours, lift one leg out to the side of your body, keeping your knee bent. Bring it back down and briefly set your knee back on the ground. Do all reps of one leg then return to your starting position and begin on the other leg.
  9. Half squats with one-arm shoulder press — 10 reps on each arm
    Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart and your weights in your hands. Bend one arm at the elbow and bring the weight to your shoulder, then bend at the knees until you are squatting. Stand up and as you reach the top, press your arm straight up above your head. Bring the arm down to the bent elbow starting position with your hand near your shoulder. Repeat this step on the same arm until all reps are complete then switch arms.
  10. Backward lunges — 12 reps alternating legs (6 on each leg)
    Stand with your feet together and lunge backward with one foot, bringing your non-stationary knee toward the ground. Your stationary leg should form a right angle to the floor and your knee should stay over your ankle. Never let it move forward to your toes. Hold the weights in your hands if you like or if you need extra balance you can hold on to a chair while you do the lunges.
  11. Deadlifts with rows — 15 reps
    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, weights in your hands. Bend forward at the waist, keeping your back arched and your arms extended down towards the ground. When you have bent about halfway down, stop and bend your arms, pulling your hands in toward your body. Extend your arms again and return to a standing position.
  12. One leg hip raises — 10 reps on each leg
    Lay on your back on your mat on the floor. Extend your arms so they point toward your feet and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Extend one leg up in the air, keeping it vertical to your body and your foot flexed. Then raise your hips up in the air  so that your leg and stomach form a straight line and slowly lower your hips back down to the mat. If this is too difficult, keep both legs on the ground together and lift your hips up in the air, then back down. Do all reps on one leg first then switch to the other.
  13. Bent knee leg lifts — 20 reps on each leg
    Roll over to your side, supporting your head in the air with your hand (your upper arm and elbow are on the mat). Bend your knees at a 90° angle to your waist. Lift the top leg up, rotating your knee toward the ceiling and keeping the leg bent and in line with your lower leg. Bring it back down to your other leg and briefly set it down on your other leg. After 20 reps, roll over on your other side, reposition yourself and do another 20 reps.
  14. Single extended leg lifts — 20 reps on each leg
    Remain laying on your side and straighten your lower leg out to form a straight line with your body. Keep the upper leg bent at a 90° angle to your waist. Lift the lower leg up with your foot flexed. After 20 reps with one leg, roll over and do the other side.
  15. Single leg stretch — 20 reps alternating (10 on each leg)
    Lay on your back with your head and shoulders slightly off the floor. Your chin should be up off your body and you should look down toward your feet. Hug one knee up to your chest while extending the other leg parallel to the floor. Alternate legs, keeping the same position with your head and shoulders. If you feel pain or discomfort in your neck after the first 10, you can rest for a moment before continuing with the second set of 10.
  16. Laying alternate leg/arm lifts — 20 reps
    Flip over onto your stomach and lay with your legs and arms stretched out so your body is as long as possible. Keep your whole body tight during the exercise. Lift one arm and your head (keep your face looking toward the floor) and your opposite leg (so if you lift your right arm, lift your left leg with it). Then alternative with the other limbs.
  17. Laying hip twists — 20 reps
    Lay on your back again, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your back should be pushed down into your exercise mat and your hands should be slightly away from your sides to help you balance. Lift your legs up, still bent at the knee, so they form a 90° angle to your body (approximately). Twist your legs slightly to one side, keeping your upper body as stationary as possible. Return your legs to the middle position, pause, and then twist your legs to the other side. Do not lay your legs down on the floor beside you or cause yourself to rock. It should be a small movement done with your abs and not your body rocking until your arms push you back.

Do you want to workout with me? I’ll be posting a new BodyRock Challenge post every Friday. There I will recap my own progress from the previous week, leave some motivation for all of us and announce any changes to the workout routine. If you aren’t ready to move up to the next level, don’t worry; just keep working out at the current level until you feel it’s too easy or you notice you aren’t winded at the end of the workout.

Please leave a comment below if you’re working out with me. If you are linking to your blog, please link DIRECTLY to your own post so that those of us who want to give you some encouragement can easily find your post. If you don’t have your own blog or website where you can talk about your progress, then just tell us how you did in your comment! Also feel free to save this image to your computer and upload it to your BodyRock Challenge blog posts!