So far this was my most successful week yet. I worked out 4 of 5 days which is a new all time high and next week I’ll be going for the full 5! I wanted to take photos last night but got sidetracked and totally forgot. I’m not sure how well you’ll be able to see the progress in photos anyway, but I will say that I’m noticing the differences on myself. Ab definition, more muscular legs, my butt isn’t all droopy anymore. Good things! I’ll take photos this weekend and post them next week…no really!

Here’s a rundown of my week. If you’re not familiar with the workout I was doing, see this post.

  • Monday was grueling. I did 2 rounds of the first buns/fat workout in 8min 30sec. This is a decent time but I was supposed to do 4 rounds. But after 2, my body was just giving out. The Bulgarian squats nearly killed me. I was so finished after those two rounds, pouring sweat from my body, that I thought I might actually throw up. Seriously, that’s never happened to me before after a workout. So it’s a good thing I didn’t try to push on further. Plus I only had a little bit of Jello leg afterwards and the muscles were just barely sore by the evening/next morning. That’s a good sign. If you’re so sore that you can’t move afterwards, you totally overdid it!
  • Tuesday was great. I was excited about doing the beginner’s workout again because it’s a nice all over body workout. I could really feel the exercises I’d done on Monday when I got to the leg and buns exercises. It was also nice to not feel like I was going to pass out when I was done!
  • Wednesday I realized I have GOT to start putting up my hair before I work out. Yeesh. I was sweating like crazy. Don’t you just love that sweat-on-the-scalp-under-your-hair feeling? I completed the workout in 16min 15sec but I will say that I didn’t get nearly as deeply as Zuzana does on the one leg squats with the chair. I think my walking lunges weren’t all that clean either. Didn’t dip so low on the one leg wall sit either. My thighs were already burning like crazy when I woke up and all yesterday afternoon so I’m not trying to over do it. Get in shape, yes. Kill myself in the process, no. Cause let’s admit it –Zuzana is a machine!
  • Thursday I shoveled snow instead of working out. Not quite as grueling on the bod and mostly upper body, but after two round of it I was still pretty pooped.
  • Friday morning I was back to the beginner’s workout. I haven’t located my jump rope yet so there wasn’t really much option to do the third set of bun exercises. I’m also not so sure how that’s going to work in the living room. Might have to move my routines to the kitchen which should become interesting…hopefully Ayla won’t want to join!

So that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be working the same routine with emphasis on buns & fat burning.  Perhaps I will manage to get at least 3 rounds on Monday without wanting to keel over!

How did you do this week?

Do you want to workout with me (and Zuzana)? I’ll be posting a new BodyRock Challenge post every Friday. There I will recap my own progress from the previous week, leave some motivation for all of us and announce any changes to the workout routine. If you aren’t ready to move up to the next level, don’t worry; just keep working out at the current level until you feel it’s too easy or you notice you aren’t winded at the end of the workout.

I’d love to read your comments and progress. If you are linking to your blog and you talk about other things than BodyRock, please link DIRECTLY to your own post so that those of us who want to give you some encouragement can easily find your post. If you don’t have your own blog or website where you can talk about your progress, then just tell us how you did in your comment! Also feel free to save this image to your computer and upload it to your BodyRock Challenge blog posts!