Time flies by so fast. One moment you see your kids crawling and just learning how to walk and before you know it, they are already big and asking you to buy them Fitbit Alta HR for their triathlon training. As parents, you should understand that as they grow up, their hobbies and the things they like change too. And you should be as supportive as possible. Most of all, you should spend time with them to guide them and just be there for them.

Here are some bonding moments that you can share with your teenager kids:

  1. Travelling – travelling is one of the best ways to connect with people. When you travel, you share memories together as you experience new things together and just basically spend time away from home. It is advisable to travel with your kids at least once a year. Make it a yearly bonding moment wherein you get to enjoy each other’s company. You should visit different places and do all things together. It is something that will surely tighten your bond as they grow up.


  1. Shopping – teenagers definitely love to shop. They buy all things from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, gadgets and so many other things. Also, they just love hanging out in the mall. So another bonding moment that you can share with your teenager kid is to go shopping or hang out with them in the mall. You can also do this as a reward for them, doing good in school.
  1. Cooking or eating or both – do you love to cook? Cooking or baking is another great activity to do together with your kids. However, if you do not know how to cook then maybe you can just go out to your favourite restaurant and eat while catching up with what’s happening in each other’s life. Make time to invite them over dinner or lunch or even brunch most especially if you’re not usually around the house during meal time.
  1. Playing sports – another perfect bonding moment with your growing up kids is playing sports. Teach them how to play basketball, football, golf or others. Then, you will be able to have an activity to do during weekends. Teenagers love to play sports especially the guys and of course, they’d love it if they can play with their parents. Also, make sure to watch their games at school to show your love and support.


  1. Driving – lastly, it is best if you will be the one to teach your kids how to drive. It is a special moment that they will definitely remember forever. When they were kids, you teach them to ride a bike and now that they are older, it is nice if you will be the one to teach them to drive a car.


It is understandable that working parents have hectic schedule but it is also important to make sure to spend time with the kids. Growing up stage is very crucial and they need guidance and support from you. Make sure to find time to do one or two or even all the items that we discussed in this article. Your kids will surely appreciate every moment you spend with them.