Seems that I write about my own personal injuries a lot more than I do about the dog’s…but I guess I’m just more fragile than she is.

Hubby was home today because he has some nasty cold and I’m definitely hoping I don’t end up with it. He’s had it for a few days now so it’s so far, so good. We went for our morning walk with Ayla and ran into Emma, the huge and adorable Great Dane mix that lives in our neighborhood. Emma’s mommy had some time so we let the dogs off their leashes so they could play for a bit. While the dogs were playing, the three of us just stood and watched as the two of them ran all over the place. It’s amazing that Ayla is actually a bit faster than Emma now and she comes no where close to fitting under Emma’s body anymore. Emma used to essentially be able to run right over the top of her and would barely touch her…but that has been over for a long while now I guess.

So the two of them were running in one of the fields and they turned and starting running back towards us. I watched as the dogs ran toward us and kept thinking to myself that Emma was running right for me. I stood there and watched her and she just kept coming, not changing her direction at all. Ayla was not far off of having me as her target either but I have been in situations before that when I moved out of the way, they just ran into me anyway and I ended up worse off. So perhaps I should have dodged or tried to run to the side, but I was a bit concerned that they would target someone else instead…so I just stood there…and waited for her to run right into me.

Very thankfully, it was more shocking than it was painful. Her head made contact with my left thigh and she swept my legs right out from under me. Both of my legs flew behind me and I landed pretty much face down on the path. I’m not really sure what I expected to happen but I was quite stunned.

The only injury I had to speak of was a small cut on my hand from some of the gravel I landed on when I braced myself with my hands for the fall…and I also twisted my knee a bit so it was a little painful for the next day and quite stiff. But thankfully there was no bruising anywhere although it would have been huge. Definitely not as painful an experience as when Ayla ran into my shin a few months ago while playing and most of the front of my leg was black and blue….not to mention it took forever to heal.

Yes, I am in fact laughing about the experience now and I will probably not let her bowl me over again…but it sure is amazing the power these animals have when they start running.