A large, blank wall can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the possibilities for decor are endless. On the other hand, it can be challenging to decide what will look good in the space while dealing with the rest of the decor.

The challenge intensifies for those who are working with a limited budget. Here are some budget-friendly ways to fill a big, blank wall.

Oversize Custom Prints

Oversize custom prints are both affordable and versatile, making them a great option for those who consider themselves to be artistic and those who feel lost in the world of Pinterest inspiration. Having a custom print made gives aspiring decorators the freedom to choose the image, size, and material being used.

According to the experts at Bumblejax, the material you choose for the print will ultimately dictate how it looks and feels on your wall. For example, acrylic prints capture and refract the light over the image, creating a realistic feel that works well with vibrant images. Metal prints add a softer, muted touch that goes well with vintage-inspired themes.

Living Wall

Living walls or green walls are said to offer numerous benefits in addition to being a neat design feature, such as temperature and humidity control, noise reduction, and improved air quality. There are a few approaches that one can take when incorporating a living wall into their home:

  • Having an entire wall as a dedicated green space
  • Having a small section of the wall (perhaps in a frame) as a green space
  • Hanging potted plants to create a pseudo-living wall
  • Working with a designer to have a professional installation or using a DIY kit

The most budget-friendly way to incorporate a green wall is to have a limited area or to hang potted plants. Be sure to research the best way to go about this while protecting your walls from moisture. Additionally, look for green plants that don’t require ample amounts of natural light.


There’s been a resurgence in the popularity of hanging wall tapestries, as they are low-maintenance, versatile, and affordable. Many budget decorators use hanging tapestries in lieu of headboards in bedroom decor.

Tapestries can be mounted to the wall in a variety of ways, depending on the overall design scheme. Hanging a stylish rod from the wall or ceiling adds an air of elegance while pinning the tapestry to the wall exudes a whimsical, Bohemian effect. A tapestry can be stretched or framed like a painting if desired.

Command Center or Calendar

There’s fashion in functionality, and for those that like having everything laid out in front of them, a command center is the best way to do it. Investing in an oversize Lucite calendar or a framed chalkboard and cork board combo can fill a blank space and keep a family organized.

One consideration to keep in mind when creating a command center is accessibility and location. If you plan on having a couch against the blank wall, having a command center jutting out overhead may not be practical.

Kid’s Art Gallery

As a creative take on the traditional gallery wall full of family pictures, put together a gallery wall full of children’s art. This is a great decor element for parents, as well as caregivers and teachers.

Curate your favorite pieces and mix and match affordable frames for a look that captures the creative chaos of your life. If the frames are too much, hang string and clothespins for a gallery that can be changed often or can incorporate other fun pieces and pictures as time goes by.

Large, blank walls can be filled relatively easily and affordably, without sacrificing quality. Get creative and use this space as a blank canvas upon which you can showcase your personal flair.