Seats in a restaurant is where patrons spend most of their time, and it is the onus of the owners to make sure that these seats are of the highest quality as they would want their customers to dine comfortably. There are various options that one will have while deciding on the materials for the seats. Depending on the type of seating plan that the owner has decided on, the décor of the restaurant will be presented with mountains of data to extrapolate from.

There are various designs that one can choose from like a wood chair and bar stools or plush leather couches where you may want your guests to lounge on. The most common type of seats at a restaurant is solid wood or plywood chairs, as they give designers a lot to work with and come at a relatively come at fraction of the cost of couches or sofas. Here we will compare the two options for restaurant chairs and present the pros and cons of both plywood and solid wood seats.


It comes first as this is where most people will decide to go for either of the two. To answer this straight, plywood is comparatively cheaper than solid wood. But as we move ahead, you will realize that it is not the only factor that you should consider while deciding between the two.


When it comes down to raw strength and durability solid wood outweighs plywood as solid wood is a homogeneous material and plywood is made up of sheets that are glued together. Solid wood is denser and hence can handle more weight in comparison with plywood, if the glue used is not up to the mark then there is a very high chance for these layers to come apart which can never happen in the case of the other. Natural wood like teak can be used to carve various designs on the wood without compromising on the strength of the furniture.

Which is more appealing?

It will again go to solid wood; this is because of various reasons like wood is stained better compared to plywood as it can absorb the stain deeper which is not possible in the case of the competitor. As we know that plywood is made up of sheets that are glued together this glue prevents the stain from reaching deep into the layers; hence the finish on solid wood is comparatively better.

The demand and supply ratio.

>Good quality solid wood is more exclusive than good quality plywood this raises the cost of the furniture that is made using it and hence you can be sure to be able to a complete experience to your patrons. On the other hand, plywood is readily available; this will give you better costs.

Type of furniture you intend to use it for.

The grain on solid wood adds to the décor of your restaurant plywood has a straight face that can be used to paint on with whatever you wish to. It is also a concern for many as this means increased costs of manufacturing.