With families finding themselves in quarantine or exposed to someone with COVID-19, people are becoming more concerned with how to truly disinfect their furniture. It might seem that getting any type of upholstery truly disinfected would be a chore, new products are available to make it much easier. In fact, most furniture can be treated with a fabric-safe disinfectant. Febreze now offers a fabric deodorizer that is also disinfected approved for killing the coronavirus.

But there are still some types of furniture that are harder to disinfect than others, and combination pieces might require more than one approach. Keep the following things in mind when looking for furniture that is easy to disinfect and maintain.

Stay away from real leather or suede

Leather and suede look amazing, but they are also temperamental. You can only use certain products to safely clean your leather or suede furniture, and none of them are approved for killing Covid. Using any type of disinfectant can dry out the leather and cause it to crack. Suede is also temperamental when it comes to dampness, and spraying with disinfectant can leave behind permanent spots.

Fabric furniture is actually the easiest to sanitize

You can get any fabric-safe disinfectant to clean most fabrics. Some cotton or linens may be more sensitive, so if you’re worried about possible damage try it on a small hidden spot first. Most polyester, faux leather, microfiber, and cotton furniture can be disinfected in this way. Pull off all the cushions and spray every piece individually, saturating the fabric and then allowing it to dry completely before reassembling.

Wood is also very easy to disinfect

Most disinfectant is safe for use on wood that is treated and maintained properly. If you are worried about using disinfectant spray on your wood furniture, you can mix together vinegar, baking soda, and ammonia to create a disinfectant solution. Apply it with a damp cloth then buff to remove.

This solution is safe for wood finishes, but ammonia can stain some fabrics. If you’re dealing with combination furniture, make sure that you’re using the appropriate disinfectant on the right sections. If you need to, use plastic wrap to cover the wood while you treat the fabric, and then the fabric within a few inches of the wood. If you don’t want the hassle, stay away from combination pieces, or go with furniture that has metal frames instead of wood.

Metal frames are the best option

Metal frames with stain and spill-resistant polyester upholstery are the easiest type of furniture to disinfect. Any multi-surface spray disinfectant can be used freely on both of these materials. It allows you to just spray everything down and walk away, allowing it to dry naturally or buffing it dry with a clean cloth. This type of furniture is most often found in outdoor collections, but they are becoming increasingly popular with the new modern and industrial styles.

Getting easily maintained furniture at a bargain

If you want to get furniture like this for your home to make cleaning and disinfecting easier, you should turn to an online furniture store with a large selection of brands and furniture collections. You will be certain to find something that suits your style, tastes, and promotes your own personal flair.

Your first step is to use a tool like Google Shopping to browse different styles and types of furniture to get an idea of what you want for your home. Looking at pictures from around the web will allow you to see the furniture collections in different configurations. Once you have narrowed it down to a few particular furniture sets, look for an online furniture store offering that brand.

Shopping online also gives you better prices. Brick and mortar furniture stores only hold a few sales per year, but online furniture stores always have sale and clearance items suitable for any budget. Online furniture stores also give free delivery, particularly when you place a large order or an entire collection. Check the latest prices: https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/