Trees are a great way to make a garden feel really special. A nice mature tree makes a home so much more attractive. If you choose an evergreen variety there is no need to worry about maintenance. They pretty much take care of themselves, once they are established.

You can buy most varieties of Evergreen Trees from The Tree Center or a company that delivers to your area. However, it is very important to choose the right variety. There are several factors to consider.

  • Your climate  – Regardless of what type of tree you decide to buy, it is important to take into account your climate. There are several factors to consider here.
  • Prevailing wind direction – If you live in a very windy place, you need to think carefully about where you are going to plant your trees. Some evergreen trees cope fine with high winds, but the leaves or needles on other varieties can be scorched by the wind. Eventually, this kills the trees.
  • Maximum and minimum temperatures  Some trees can survive freezing temperatures others cannot. The same applies to heat. You need to understand what the limits are for the varieties you plan to plant.
  • Extreme weather conditions – If you live somewhere that is prone to flooding or drought, this also needs to be taken into account. Levels of humidity and frost also have to be considered. Some evergreen trees are frost resistant; others are quite delicate and will die if exposed to frost more than a few times.
  • Your soil type – The type of soil you have also has an impact on how well a tree will grow. Some varieties do find in quite acidic soils, while others will gradually die. To some extent, you can address this issue by digging a pit and filling it with the right type of soil. This approach works very well with bushes and shrubs but is not always viable for trees. Initially, the tree will do OK, but as soon as the roots start to grow outside of the pit area it will be exposed to the wrong conditions. When that happens, it can slowly start to die.
  • How tall they grow – It is very important to think about what the tree will look like once it has reached maturity. They can grow to huge heights and their roots can spread a surprising distance. The last thing you need is for a tree to outgrow your garden. When that happens, you usually have no choice but to cut it down. That can work out very expensive and leave an ugly blank space in your garden that can only be filled if you have the stump ground away.
  • Bugs and pests – Evergreens are sturdy trees, but they are also prone to disease. Before you buy one you need to understand which diseases and pests they are vulnerable to. If they are prevalent in your area it is best to choose another variety rather than risk it getting sick and dying. You can learn all about evergreen diseases by clicking this link.

Keep these seven factors in mind when buying an evergreen tree for your garden and you’ll have a tree you love and cherish for decades!