Ireland has a diverse weather condition that can damage your home. When winter approaches the chances for various kind of damage, also increase. Getting a comprehensive home insurance policy from AA Ireland gives you peace of mind as the insurer covers most of these damages. Let us find out the most common home insurance claims.

The most common home insurance claim that every home insurance policy must cover.

Storm Damage Claim

Storm damage claim also accounts for a large percentage of home insurance claims in Ireland. It generally results from strong winds blowing at a speed of over 47 knots. Storm generally damages the roofs by dislocating the slates or tiles. However, damage to fences, gates, lawns, hedges, etc. are not covered under most of the insurance policy. Therefore, check all the acceptable conditions mentioned in your home insurance policy before submitting the storm damage claim.

Water Damage Claim

Over 30% of the home insurance claims received by the insurer is because of water damage. It is important to check in your home insurance policy which water damage claims are covered. Generally, water damage claim arising from overflow pipes, leaks or radiators are covered. But the damage caused by water leaks through grouting or seals is not covered. It is considered as wear and tear. Take some advance precautions and keep the plumbing system clean to prevent such water leaks.

Fire Damage Claim

Damage of property due to accidental fire is also common in Ireland. Accidental fire damage claim accounts for over 10% of the home insurance claims. Accidental fire damage claim generally covers damages for household goods, clothing and all types of furniture.

It also covers damage to personal belongings like wallets, handbags, mobile phones, jewelry, etc. Accidental fire damage mainly results from chimney fires, electrical fires or household appliances. Fire damage can be fatal resulting in loss of life. Read your insurance policy properly and find out which categories of fire damage claims are covered.

Damage claim for Flood

When there is a flood the risk of rising water mainly in the coastal areas is high. You must check your insurance policy and find out whether damage claim from a flood is covered or not. If it is not covered, take appropriate precautions in advance to safeguard your house from getting damaged.

Theft Claim

Theft or forced entry inside your house to steal valuable things is common. Most of the insurance policy covers the claim for theft. Follow some safety tips like turning on lights or installing alarms when you are away. This might secure your home from thieves.

Final Verdict

You have a home insurance policy to prevent any loss arising from the damage of your property. It is important to read all the terms and conditions before buying the policy. If you are planning to buy new home insurance, make sure it covers all the common claims discussed over here.