I found this idea while browsing some of my mother-in-laws old garden magazines and really thought it was a very nice idea for a summer party…and may have to use it for our housewarming party if I have the flowers and such around. What they’ve done is fill a bowl with a small amount of water on the bottom. Then they threw in blackberries (but I’m sure you could use other berries as well) and flowers which were in the same range of color. I am fairly certain we will have no trouble getting blackberries for free since they grow wild everywhere here. The flowers on the other hand may be harder in August…but we also have no idea what will be popping up in our yard then either so perhaps we will find something that works.

We have a friend with a lovely bed & breakfast in Virginia and she used to fill a glass with cheap vodka and then drop fresh rose petals in there. The rose smell would be amplified by the vodka and it made the place smell great. So perhaps one could put a bit of vodka in the bottom instead.