Beverly Hills is one of the most iconic cities in Los Angeles County. From palm trees to swimming pools and from retro chic to modern mansions, Beverly Hills combines sophistication with pop culture for a unique finish. Naturally, this inspires much of the interior décor in homes all across California. Curious to know how? Here is the interior designers Beverly Hills edition to illustrate some of the elements that make up this design style.

Nostalgic Brass

There are two types of Beverly Hills looks. There’s the contemporary look ushered in over the past few years and then there’s the older and more established retro look. Brass is one of the best ways to nail that retro look. You will typically find brass in the following places:

  • Clock hands and markers
  • ighting fixtures
  • Trims and legs on furniture


You know what else gives off a really cool retro vibe? Stripes! Pairing solid patterns with stripes are a great way to add some character to a room. When it comes to Beverly Hills décor, you will often see stripes running along the ceilings, as an accent wall by the bed, on rugs in sitting areas or on the patterns of furniture upholstery.

Palm Prints

To be fair, virtually all of the southern and coastal United States is associated with palm trees. This is as true of Miami, Florida as San Diego, California. Nevertheless, palm trees are a big part of Beverly Hills décor. You will often find these used as murals on walls, such as at the Beverly Hills Hotel, or you may find them worked into patterns on furniture or even paintings.

Lush Gardens and Exotic flowers

If I could pick one spot to go through the day, it would be the celebrated Beverly Hills Hotel. Home to numerous world popular stars and big names, this hotel is what paradise should resemble. Encompassed by 12 sections of land of lavish greenhouses and colorful blossoms, the hotel has 210 rooms and 23 cabins.

There is no big surprise Sharon Osborne calls this spot her second home. She has been living on and off in the lodging in a similar cabin since a young lady, and concedes when she comes to visit, they welcome her with an upbeat “welcome back home!”

Remaining in a suite or in the stand-out homes encompassed by rich patio garden and extraordinary blooms can make you shell out an astounding $580-$3,700 every night! With this, you can encounter extreme security and the flavor of the radiant California way of life with lavish greenery, winding pathways, beguiling doors, and extensive living quarters.

Lush green garden and exotic flowers are the unique items which are used to décor the Beverley Hills.

These aesthetic ideas which we can apply in our homes’ décor help provide us with luxurious resemblance of Beverly Hills beauty.

Rooftop pools

Home to Rodeo Drive, well-known art galleries, and the notable 90210 zip code, Beverly Hills is a city of extravagance. If you choose to stay in Beverly Hills while visiting Los Angeles, your hotel experience should coordinate with the extravagance and style of the encompassing neighborhood.

While on the more costly side, Beverly Hills inns come total with housetop pools, restaurants led by leading chefs, and complimentary car services. Regardless of whether you’re searching for increasingly affordable options, or need to stay in the home where Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned, these are the best hotels in Beverly Hills.

All these hotels in Beverly Hills demonstrate the beautiful ideas that help you décor your homes which can give you the Beverly Hills aesthetic touch.