Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They even substitute as children for some families. The family dog will always be an important part of growing up and learning responsibility. Pets, like children and like ourselves, need several important things in their home to help them live full and happy lives.

Whether you are a new dog owner or are looking to amp up a bored pup, there are a few things that you need to get in order to help your dog feel truly at home – and a few that are just plain fun. From the basics to the technologically advanced, here are a few items to consider buying when you pick up that pup.


The Basics

There are a few necessities that you need to have at home before you bring in a new dog. You will always have these items laying around your house if you have multiple dogs – you can never have too many dogs, right? Essentials such as a dog bed, a sturdy kennel, and a water and food bowl will keep your dog happy. A bed and a kennel are an offering that shows your dog that this is home too and should feel safe and comfortable in his surroundings.

You will choose the dog food for your pup – there are several types and it will depend on the size, needs, and overall health of the canine in the house. Some choose to go all-natural, while commercial brands are perfect for many dogs. However, some general rules are that your dog’s food should be easy to digest and contain the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy.

Toys and treats, such as a tennis ball or a bone, are must-haves for every dog owner. These can be purely for fun or aid in training efforts. Training aids can range from courses at a school for dogs to harnesses and whistles. As long as your pup is well-behaved, you two will get along and keep your home at peace.


Tech for Canine Friends

Technology isn’t just for you and your human pals: it can make life easier for your pets as well. An automatic feeder is one technologically savvy gadget that you may see in a friend’s kitchen. For those who go out on the weekends or have long work days away from their furry friends, a smart feeder of sorts makes sure that your best friend is well-fed and watered in your absence. You may also find automatic pet feeders that control your dog’s portions and count calories (if such a feature is necessary for your overweight or dietarily restricted canine).

If you ever miss your pet while you are away, or plan to go on a long trip and just do not quite trust your pet sitter, a wireless pet camera may be just what you are looking for. Setup is easy and checking on Fido is as easy as checking an app on your smartphone. You even have the liberty of speaking to your dog through speakers and microphones, so neither of you has to feel quite so alone.

While some tech may seem unnecessary to minimalist dog owners, some can save lives, such as a GPS pet tracker. Depending on your budget or the type that you are looking for, some trackers can be placed inside of a dog or simply attached as a collar. A GPS tracker for your pet can give you peace of mind, especially if they run off to have an adventure or get lost in a new place.

Something a Bit Different

Does your dog love it when you throw his ball, even when it is too wet and slobbery for you to handle? There is no reason why your pup’s fun should stop there – choose an automatic ball thrower. From a handheld ball thrower to a bazooka-like ball thrower that does all the work for you, this gadget keeps your hands dry and your pet happy. Check out resources, such as the compact toy launchers by, to find what is best for your pup and your budget.

Whether you buy just what your dog needs or want to spoil it, be a prepared and responsible dog parent. From healthy food to a comfortable bed, you want your new addition – or an old friend – to feel like your home is their as well.