One of the most basic needs of a human person, according to Abraham Maslow, is the need for shelter, and almost every human being on earth wishes to have a house that one can call a home. Moreover, there is nothing more satisfying in this life than to live in a house which was built out of one’s own sweat and money. But buying a house is a big decision that could either spell your financial success or failure in life. This is because new houses are very expensive and can put a big dent in your finances. Yet, a new house can also become a good investment, and for this reason you should carefully consider the type of house that you are going to buy.

There are several factors you must consider when prospecting for a new house or real estate. These factors include the types of property, location, accessibility, amenities, and neighborhood. Let me give you a rundown of these factors to help you understand each of them:


Types of Property

Properties can be categorized as multi-family dwellings, suburban properties, or rural homes. Multi-family dwellings are generally found in big cities. These dwellings are generally cheap and are usually suited for a single person or small family. Suburban properties, on the other hand, are the most attractive to middle-class families for they offer many comforts. These properties are mostly found within or just outside the city limits. There are also those rural homes that are located away from the city, and their locations are usually an hour’s drive away.

If buying a rural homestead, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with rural housing designs and the utilities that come with those designs. Similarly, if you want a suburban dwelling (one that is located, for example, in Greensboro NC), you would surely need a broker that is well-versed in urban housing sales.

At the onset, you should be able to distinguish between rural and suburban dwellings. A suburban or multi-family dwelling has provisions like commercial gas, heating, water, sewer, and electrical connections. In a rural area, a sewer system is non-existent, and more often you need to install your own septic tank for your home. Moreover, in some instances, the supply of commercial water or heating may also be absent, and for this reason, you would surely need to improvise alternative sources like deep-well water and alternative oil heating systems.

Location and Accessibility

Another critical factor when choosing a home is location and accessibility. Your workplace should be readily accessible from that location. Moreover, there should be available amenities like malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, and a fire station within the vicinity of the property you’re going to buy. It should also be readily accessible to public transport systems like bus stations or subway stations.


The Neighborhood

This factor usually exerts a major influence on the decision of a prospective buyer to opt for a suburban property, for suburban neighborhoods are generally tranquil, decent, and safe for rearing children. On the other hand, if you opt for a rural homestead, you may find yourself totally isolated or with a sparse amount of neighbors.


Is There Any Affordable Suburban Property?

Buying a suburban property is expensive and can drain your bank savings. But there is a way to acquire a suburban property without necessarily straining your pockets; moreover, you can still save money while acquiring a suburban property. This proven way is by buying foreclosed properties. You can buy foreclosed properties by simply attending estate sales, and estate sales frequently happen. Estate sales happen when an owner sells a property due to downsizing, divorce, bankruptcy, or any other reason.


Refurbishing a Foreclosed Property

Once you succeed in buying a suburban property via estate sales, you would usually find yourself having a suburban house that still needs further repairs and renovations. Most of these repairs, however, are usually concentrated on plumbing and electrical work, unless there are major renovations that require masonry or joinery work. Moreover, the most significant works on most foreclosed houses would usually revolve around finishing jobs for obvious reasons.

Finishing jobs like external painting generally bring out the character of a house. Moreover, painting jobs in many cases do not only beautify the facade of the house, but also provide protection from the elements of weather while preserving the structural integrity of the house. For this reason, painting contractors like Greensboro Painters were able to build their reputation on nicely completed painting works that guarantee high-quality service.

If you are not landed when you were born, buying real estate is not just about satisfying an innate basic need, but is also about fulfilling a dream that highlights the culmination of all your endeavors. One caveat, however, which is worth pondering is this: that a house is not necessarily a home, and it usually takes enough love and nurturing to turn a house into a real home.