It might still be August, but chances are you have at least one fall wedding on your calendar for 2019. As one of the most popular times of the year to get married, autumn weddings can be tricky depending on where you live. And, all bets are off if the wedding spans over the course of a sunset. So, we’ve put together three great wedding guest outfit ideas based on where the wedding it being held. Plus, five tips for fall wedding attendees.

In the South

If you’re attending a wedding in the south, you’ll need to be pretty strategic about your shopping. From about September to November in many southern states, weather is a bit unpredictable and most people start their mornings in a coat and end up sweating on their way home from work. For this reason, you’ll need to pay close attention to when the wedding starts and ends.

If the wedding is during the day and finishes up before the sun goes down, you’ll probably be fine with a sundress or cap sleeves. Here are a few great options from Vici.

If you think you’ll be out past 6 or 7pm, then a maxi dress is a great option. Usually they’re pretty light in weight, but you’ll have fabric covering your legs if it does get a bit chilly. We recommend bringing a throw or shawl if the temp is supposed to drop below 50 degrees (especially if it’s an outdoor reception). More great Vici options, below!

In the North

If you live in the north, or even in the midwest, it’s likely that your temperatures have figured themselves out by fall. It’s also a bit less likely that the wedding will be held outside, especially the closer to winter that it gets. Although the above maxi dresses would be great for an indoor wedding in the north, jumpsuits are another fun way to look nice but stay warm. Plus, they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the dress code of the wedding

On a Coast

Often times, cities on the coasts can get fairly windy, especially if the wedding is right near the beach. Whether you’re in the Outer Banks or San Francisco, layering will be key to a perfect event. We suggest either a fun fur or a universal peacoat.

Tips for Fall Weddings

  1. Wear closed toe shoes! Warming up your feet can make a significant difference in your overall body temperature.
  2. Accessorize where it counts. If your neckline is covered, earrings and rings are your best option. Create a ring stack that matches your timeless diamond studs.
  3. Figure out if you’ll be inside or outside. Dress accordingly.
  4. Decide how you’ll be arriving. If it’s cold out and you can only get but so close to the entrance, considering wearing a jacket. If it’s supposed to rain, Uber so you can get as close as possible to the entrance. No one wants to be cold AND wet!
  5. Call ahead and see if the venue has a coat check.


Fall weddings are gorgeous, especially if the leaves are still changing color. But they can also be one of the most difficult seasons to dress for, since temperatures can be all over the place. Follow the above guidelines and find the perfect outfit for any autumn weddings you’re attending!