Home security systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some alert you when there is an intruder inside your home, some alert your neighbors with the hope that they will call the police, and some are monitored so that the police or fire fighters are alerted by professionals. The type of security system you need for your home depends on what you want covered. You can look at a home security comparison site online to learn what the 10 best home security systems for 2015 have to offer.


  1. Frontpoint is the number one rated security system. It is the only system that offers 100 percent wireless and cellular technology. The sensors connect to your control panel, which sends alerts to your monitoring center. There are no wires required for a full range of alerts including medical emergencies, gas leaks and child safety. It does not provide a two-way intercom service, but you can customize a package to cover the essentials.
  2. Protect America is right up there with the best with no up-front investment. It gives all of the alerts except natural gas leaks and has a lifetime warranty on all equipment. It also has a fully wireless system and one of the lower monthly fees.
  3. LiveWatch it is among the best with a wide selection of security equipment, and it has the cheapest monthly fee, but all its systems are DIY installation. It’s a good choice if you want a customized system.
  4. ADT is fourth on the list with a lifetime warranty for equipment. It is a high-quality system that gives professional protection. The mobile app requires the advanced service plan.
  5. Vivint serves all 50 states, but requires a good credit history. It offers features that save you money and energy.
  6. LifeShield Security is the affordable option for mobile access and video monitoring, but the only outside automation it offers is arming or disarming the system.
  7. SimpliSafe is a good system for renters or people on a tight budget. It doesn’t require a contract. It does not offer personal safety alerts, home automation or security cameras.
  8. Monitronics also offers a lifetime warranty on all of its equipment. Since it uses authorized dealers, the prices may vary according to the location. Mobile app access requires the more expensive plan.
  9. Protection 1 has a great basic plan with a wide selection of sensors and mobile app access. This company’s basic plan covers the security essentials and the monitoring service is reliable.
  10. Guardian Protection Services requires that your system is installed by professionals, but it will work on a pre-existing system if you have one. It doesn’t have alerts for natural gas leaks, flooding or power failure. Its interactive monitoring is good, but some basics are missing that are in other plans.
  11. AlarmForce is the only residential security service that offers two-way video intercom. Most other services only offer audio. This company only serves a small section of the eastern U.S. and Canada. The monthly fee is lower than others, but you need to pay extra for some basic devices like smoke detectors.

Each of these top home security systems has pros and cons, but they are all among the best. They can be customized to suit your unique situation, so you don’t pay for features you don’t need.

Do you have an alarm system at home? Is it hooked up properly and fully functioning? Or are you just hoping for the best?