It can often be difficult to find a healthy life balance when you are a busy mother. How much time should you spend at work? How much time should you spend with your children? How much time should you spend walking the dog? How much time should you spend with your husband? And how much time should you spend for yourself?

Well I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know that there isn’t a correct answer to these questions but it is really important that you get the time that you need every day. Time to relax and reflect on life in order to stay healthy happy and in touch with your feelings.

Every mother needs chill out time whether that involves dashing off to your favourite fashion store to find the latest trends and outfits, filling a big bubble bath lit with candles or even heading down to your local gym to get a sweat on.


Some strategies to help you disconnect and have that essential me time:

  1. Disconnect for the weekend – Emails being sent back and forth constantly. Work is calling you every hour. Worrying about if you booked the meeting room for Monday. Does this sound like you? Try leaving your phone at home or even turning it off for just a few hours in a day. It can make all the difference, trust me!
    Allow yourself the time to relax and have a precious weekend where within an hour or two you don’t look at your mobile or tablet once! Dedicate an hour at the start and end of your day to look and reply to emails if you really have to but if you can bare it. Disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.
  2.  Take a break – Feeling the stress of home and work life recently? You are definitely in need of a break! Whether it be a spa weekend away or a week long luxurious holiday for yourself. You need time to reflect and think about you and your life. Don’t get side tracked in to completing tasks for everyone else around you whilst not completing any of your own. Go ahead…treat yourself, book something glamorous.
  3. Kick back – Feel like you’ve missed all your favourite TV programmes and have a massive backlog on your planner? Take time out of your day for a few hours, grab your favourite chocolate bar and a big blanket and tuck yourself and get lost in to your television for a few hours. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve been busy working away all day being a mom, wife, college, manager!
  4. Day Dreaming – Keep day dreaming about the latest cars or holidays? Feel like its impossibility when you have a family feed and keeping a roof over everyone? Go play Dream Bingo where you can win your dream. You can log on to it on a computer or you even download its app from the iTunes store: to save you from getting up from the comfort of your blanket or duvet.
  5. Family time – It can be tough squeezing in quality family time. Take a weekend off to head to the park or the beach. Pack up a bag filled with fun activities and a big picnic with lots of treats and head off to play some ball, make some sand castles, ride the bikes or even grab an ice cream if it’s sunny out and get in those extra vitamins in your day whilst having loads of fun.


What strategies do you use to help you find that healthy balance in your day to day life?