I was just doing some browsing last night for speaker stands and living room deco ideas since we love the new layout but our walls are still really bare…and I realized that flat screens really revolutionized the way a living room is laid out and the amount of space a tv stand takes up. We just did our living room makeover not too long ago, and our old TV stand is at least 4 feet deep and 6 feet wide. That is a major piece of furniture to work around. Not to mention an enormous TV standing on top of it. And when we finally admitted to ourselves that we only harming ourselves by not using our new flat screen in the living room instead of as a piece of art in our bedroom, we realized we could be a lot happier with less in our living room.

Anyway, I’m just sorta rambling but I was pretty amazed to find out that you can actually get flat screen TV stands with electric FIREPLACES in them now. Maybe I’m just silly for not knowing this before but wow. Now since we have an ancient electric fireplace in our living room, this is not actually something we’re considering. But I was amazed.

Of course my first thought when I saw this was, “Wouldn’t the TV get hot up there?” But if it’s well constructed, it shouldn’t. We have candles and other random things on the top of our fireplace and have absolutely no trouble with it at all. Thankfully we also don’t have to run it very often since we replaced the radiator in the living room with a newer, more efficient one. But boy were our electric bills harsh a few winters ago when we actually needed that thing on to keep the living room warm!

tv stand