Today the World Cup started here in Germany and of course there are a lot of people here which are all worked up about…including most of the people working in my husband’s office. They’re almost like children on Christmas morning, completely excited about everything, needing to know every stat and detail going on and even collecting player cards. So “everyone” from his office decided to go out to a nearby restaurant which several of them visit at least once a week and watch the game there. The restaurant had a projection screen set up along with a few other TV’s so there were plenty of options of watch the game.

Hubby was not planning to go until about 3.30 when he emailed me and asked if I’d be interested to come in after all. The game started at 6 pm so there was some debate about how and when to feed the puppers, would it be ok to bring her, etc etc. So I was finally talked into it and we decided to meet up at 5.30 at his office. I fed Ayla around 4 pm (two hours earlier than normal and it didn’t seem to be a problem for once) and got myself ready. We met up at his office and walked over to the restaurant. Most of the gang was there already although far from his entire office showed up. Ayla had to wait outside the restaurant but thankfully there was plenty of shade. The owner saw her and brought her some water, talking about what a sweetie she was and how he enjoys dogs. She behaved herself better than we could have hoped, even when we were inside watching the game (and peeking through the window at her every few seconds). Tons of people stopped to talk to her and pet her which she just loved. But when there was no one around she laid down and was the perfect puppy. No barking, whining or begging in any way…surprise, surprise.

Sometime after half-time, we got a bit of a scare. We went outside to be with her during the break and when we came back in the restaurant, one of hubber’s work colleagues told him that Ayla had bitten someone. Shocked, he came to me and asked if I could find out who the guy was and get to the bottom of things…being a girl and all I should have a better chance of the guy not going crazy, right? So I went to the colleague and asked who it was. He pointed to a British guy standing next to him with his left index finger wrapped in paper towels.

“Excuse me,” I said. “I heard my dog just bit you?”

He looked at me with a blank (and seemingly drunk) stare and said, “Uh, yeah.”

He started to lose some credibility with me here when he looked like he had no clue what I was talking about but then again, if some random person comes up to you and starts asking about your dog bite I guess I can understand.

“Could you tell me when this happened?”

“About 30 minutes ago.”

I responded, “Well that can’t be. We’ve been outside with our dog for the last 30 minutes or more and there was no one anywhere near her before then.”

Again he just sort of stared at me and so I finally asked, “Where did this happen?”

“Right here, inside.”

Starting to feel more relieved by the second, I said, “Uh, was she about this high (held my hand to my knee) and a little black, furry thing?”


“Ah, ok. Well that’s all I need to know.” Then I turned around and walked off.

Apparently the colleague had only heard someone had been bit and since ours was the only one most people had noticed, he thought it must be ours. Both hubbers and I were of course a bit panicked since we don’t want to have problems if she does bite someone and we simply couldn’t understand how or why she would bite someone, even if he was a soccer hooligan. But thankfully it wasn’t our dog and we had no reason to worry.