Today got off to a bit of a slow start because we had to make a quick trip to Hagebau around the corner to pick up a few framing brackets for the ceiling. It was a simple in-and-out process there but we were hungry so we decided to see if the Subway down the road was open yet (“down the road” equals another 15 minutes drive lol). Thankfully it was (very exciting) so we grabbed some footlongs and headed home for “brunch”.

We started mounting the ceiling studs today, and before I go any further I’d like to say that it sucked. Screwing the aluminum rails together ended up being a lot more difficult than we had anticipated. Somehow, self drilling screws sounds easier than it really is. It took us about three hours to put the first two beams up

We are quite tired after working all day on this project, so I will keep this post short today. The process requires working over head all day long and we feel it. This day was full of learning new things. All the metal rails and studs don’t come with instruction manuals and even the books we have on the subject are not all to explicit about the entire process. Think of it like fiddeling with a giant erector set.
After about seven hours of work we have about 2/3rd of the room finished. Tomorrow we need to do a few more cross beams which go quite quickly, and two support brackets. Then it’s time to put up a few pieces of drywall, and the studding of the bathroom side of the room.
Another full day ahead of us. Is it the weekend yet?