Do you feel as though your child is being a little more distant than usual? Maybe you feel as though they are not being as engaged as they could be when it comes to family activities. Either way, if this sounds like your child then it’s important that you give them extra support and that you are there for them.

Take Time to Support Them

The first thing you need to do is try and take the time to support your child. It may be that you try and fit any routine chores that they have to do around their schoolwork or that you take the time to reduce the amount of overwhelm they are experiencing. Watching your child be overwhelmed can be hard but there are things you can do to try and help them and alleviate the heightened stress they are under.

Turn Off Electronics

Electronics cause the brain to operate at a higher speed. When you feel as though your kids are overwhelmed, there’s a high chance that this isn’t helping. While children may feel as though video games help them to zone out and forget about their problems, it also causes them to increase their concentration and this can contribute to things like brain fatigue. Switching off your child’s electronics can encourage them to take a break from all of the blue light and it can also help them to turn off any internalized stress they may be experiencing too.


When you are overwhelmed, you may find that your brain is constantly working. Reducing clutter that is around you is the key to getting things back in order. You may also find that it can help you to feel more balanced. If your teen is overwhelmed then things like this can help them and you may even find that it helps them to find a good level of balance in their life. If you want to help motivate your child then decluttering their room or their environment is often the best way for you to help them.  If your child is severely overwhelmed then one thing you can do is sign them up for a teen mental health treatment center. This will help them to feel more confident in the support that they are being given.

Get Active

Supporting your child and helping them to be active for around 60 minutes a day is the best way for you to encourage the release of dopamine. It also helps them to release serotonin and even endorphins which is great for reducing stress hormones. It also helps them to feel more positive. If you can give your child this kind of support and if you can encourage them to get out of the house more then you will soon see that there is a huge improvement in their self-esteem and that they are also able to handle whatever situation comes their way with more efficiency.

Things like this can make a major difference so try and keep that in mind as they could aid your child in getting the support they need.