I may have mentioned this once or twice in the recent past but I just love it when she does it so I’m going to talk about it again.

Newfie puppies (and I imagine others as well) do something really adorable when they are little…they lay in a “frog” and/or “rug” position all the time. The “frog” position is when the dog sticks there legs behind them while laying on the floor, but instead of having them straight back, they are more off to the side. This was Ayla at 24 weeks.

The “rug,” on the other hand, has the legs fully extended back which we only managed to get a picture of when she was 13 weeks.

I have read that most dogs don’t do this once they are over 6 months or so because it just becomes much harder for them to accomplish…Ayla actually stopped doing both of these at around 6 months. She tried it a few times but just couldn’t seem to quite pull it off. Then around Christmas when she went into heat, she started doing the “frog” again. We thought that maybe she would stop once her cycle was over but she has actually continued to do it all the time. Not only does it make us happy to see that her hips are so healthy but we also think it is adorable. Hopefully we’ll manage to get a picture of her doing it sometime soon. She’s really camera shy lately and every time she hears me turn on the camera, she starts moving. So I’ll try to keep it close by and be sly about it lol.