Hvar is a Croatian Dalmatian Island situated in the Adriatic Sea. It is also popular as ‘Lavender Island’. For years, Hvar has been attracting celebrities, which has made the common travelers swing by and experience the natural beauty that this marvelous island has to offer. Besides beauty, travelers can enjoy tons of other remarkable things.

  • Beaches – This Island has many town beaches within walking distance, where travelers can participate in water sports of some kind like a Jet Ski or stand-up paddle board. The popular beaches are Dubovica, Lucisca, and Milna.
  • Town – Explore the Hvar Town’s winding cobblestone streets. A few of the places you must visit are the St. Stephens Cathedral and the St. Stephens Square.
  • Fortress– On the highest section of Hvar town rests the fortress, which allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the town and gorgeous Pakleni islands.
  • Vineyard tours – Jelsa is popular for its wine making and tasting sessions.
  • Franciscan Monastery – A notable renaissance architecture, where famous artwork ‘The Last Supper’ stretching 2m x 8m is depicted.
  • Tour – Boat trip to blue & green caves is a great attraction. In June and July, make sure that you take the Lavender island tour, where the rocky hills and slopes are covered with purple flowers, and the aroma is divine!

Plan to visit Split from Hvar

Split is the second biggest city in Croatia. From Hvar, you can reach Split easily because a number of ferries riding to and fro. Car and passenger ferries connect hvar to split. It is a great way to cruise across the Adriatic Sea and get a peak of islands nestling the cities like Solta and Milna from the ferry. Ferry is a quick and inexpensive way to reach Split. There are different kinds of boat for you to choose from, and each one is safe and has its own set of pros and cons.

Ferry connecting Hvar to Split

By passenger ferry

During the peak season, the ferry providers operate 8 departures to Split from the centrally located port of the Hvar Town. In the off season, you will find a minimum of 6 departures daily. The time taken to cross is not more than one hour. You can even reach Split from Jelsa and Stari Grad, but the route is longer. It can take a maximum of two hours, but from Hvar, you will need a bus connection to Jelsa [50 minutes] and Satri Grad [45 minutes].

In the summer season, make sure to book your ferry in advance by visiting bookaway.com, as passenger ferries are full and even the rates are pretty high.

By car & car ferry

For the car ferry, you need to drive to Stari Grad from Hvar Town. From here you get a convenient transportation to the Split harbor. In the winters, there is a minimum of 3 ferries that run daily, while in the busy season the trips increase to 6 or more daily.

The 2-hour Stari-Grad-Split car ferries are the main link between Hvar and Split. Therefore, it gets very crowded at the end of July and August. Foot passengers don’t have issues boarding, but travelers with cars need to reserve a spot in advance, especially in the peak season.

Another alternative is a drive to Sucuraj, which is 90 minutes away from Hvar Town. From Sucuraj there are 10 car ferries, which connect to Drevnik mainland. The time taken to reach Drevnik is 35 minutes, and here you can reach Split by car in 1 hour 45 minutes.

By private speedboat taxi

Direct speedboat transfer is the fastest way to reach Split. It is a 60 minutes pleasant ride to Split, where the skipper drops you. While crossing the sea, you will enjoy the panoramic view of the islands Solta and Brac. You will also pass the popular Pakleni archipelagos. It is costly, but worth it because of the speed, flexibility, comfort, and privacy you enjoy.

In this way, travelers can reach from Hvar Island to Split and vice versa. The easy way to arrive or depart from Hvar will depend on the direction you come from. The closest airport is Split, Brac, and Dubrovnik. Ferry also connects Split, Brac, and Dubrovnik to Hvar. No matter where you landed in Croatia, sea journey is a must to reach and depart from Hvar Island.

Tip – If you are traveling by car, then carry license, registration, insurance documents along with your passport. The required speed limit is 50 km/h in settlements and 130 m/h on highways. Alcohol to blood ratio is 0%.