We’ve packed up our climbing gear and most of the stuff for the dog. I’ve also started packing my travel and overnight bags but hubby is waiting until we go to bed….which will be very shortly. We’re planning to get up at about 5 am and hope to be on the road by 6. We’ve got about 7 hours of driving ahead of us tomorrow so we’re thankful that the Defender has very comfortable seats. We need to get to Locarno before 6 pm or we may not be able to check in…but it should be a nice beautiful drive. Once we cross into Switzerland and get past Basel, the country is just so amazingly beautiful. The mountains and lakes are just breathtaking. We really can’t wait and the great thing about driving the Defender is that you go slow enough that you can see everything and fully enjoy it. We’re looking forward to dinner at Popolo and having some ice cream!!

Oh and by the way, we’re watching Bad Boys 2 and they are driving a Series in Cuba at the end…woohoo 🙂